8 Nov 2013


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1. It starts to be very windy and very wet too. In short it rained every day. My asthma which I had since beginning of this year had completely disappeared in the dry climate of the South of France, and now it had come back after 4 days ! I had thought it had disappeared forever. So I have to use my puff again.

Of course it is not very inspiring to go outside, so I spent my time mostly at the computer.

I did a new collage of Toby our grandson for the frame in the living room. He changes so quickly ! In a few days he will be three years old !

2. It had been quiet a long time since Dominique, Nicole and I had lunch together. We took the risk to be blown away and being wet like sponges and went to "our" Asian restaurant and had a very nice meal. During our chats, we decided to celebrate New Years Eve together with other friends at Dominique's.

When I came home I had an idea for an invitation and 

and created this, which took me some time !

3. It's rather strange that the flowers in my pots in the front yard are still blooming ! In the backyard I had already taken them out of their pots. 

As I don't like garden work and reduce it to a minimum, I had bought these fake plants for the winter, to put in my pots in the front yard. To fix them in the pot's earth, I needed some crooked wire, which I fixed in the balls and now I only have to stick them in the pots. But first I have to take the flowers out, even if they are still blooming. I am convinced that we won't have a real autumn weather, the leaves on most of the trees are still green, but immediately go into winter temperatures and then everything will be frozen. Now I wait for a day the sun is shining or at least that it is not raining to put the plants in the pots.

4. Our deep freezer had a thick lay of ice and needed badly to be cleaned and defrosted. During the whole week I composed meals with things which were still unused. I even baked a cake, which I had done once, but it was eaten by cat Arthur because it stood on the table. This time I hid it ! The rest of the things I brought over to Dominique and then when the freezer was ready, I did a big shopping and now it is full again.

5. I had decided not to paint cats anymore, but just abstract paintings. I was so enthusiastic, that I sprayed my colors on my neighbors painting, pullover and jeans ! Even the one sitting on the other side of the table got some blue spots. We all laughed and I had to slow down and paint a little more carefully.

I don't know yet what will come out of my painting ! Ever since my teacher had told me "to free myself" I do it with my brush !


Andrew said...

The invitation looks like it will be good. Lol at you being a free painter and painting everyone and everything.

Faith said...

Your FFF are always so cheerful!! That grandson of yours is absolutely adorable!!! Have a great weekend and happy free painting!!

Anonymous said...

Toby has gotten so big! That's a nice collage.

I'm glad you got to go out with friends even though the weather was bad. That had to have brightened it up a bit.

Your New Year's Eve get-together sounds fun!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

A good week even if it was sort of rainy and yukky. Except for the asthma of course... warm weather is very good for old bones like mine and probably would be better for your asthma.

Linens and Royals said...

Almost 3 already? Toby is really growing up and looks such a sweet boy. He's sure to grow tall just like his father.
A Crisis! No more cat paintings?

diane b said...

Toby is adorable and he has a bike exactly the same as Fox. We had to buy him a helmet today because he goes so fast down hills in the park. I have to run to keep up with him on the sidewalk.
Good idea to exchange your plants now.
I look forward to seeing your new paintings.

Sandra Carlier said...

what nice collages you created! And a beautiful card for the New Year! The temperature is now about 18 ° now. And sunny. Pierre and Anaïs and even Flavien are ill. A bronchite! I hope Mélissa and me we will resist! I enjoy Mélissa becomes a taxi for me! I laugh when I imagine you create abstract paintings on your friends!!! Richard Nonas will be jealous of your paintings!

A Lady's Life said...

I also like the New Years Card and the pics of your family

I never liked abstract art.
I like to see something and not just look at colors. They don't speak to me.