4 Nov 2013


On Saturday I was in a creative mood. As I had to prepare a Birthday gift for Dominique  I choose a picture from our holidays together at the Geneva lake,

put a quote on and framed it. When she came over in the morning to pick up her two birds which Mr. G. had babysit during her holidays in Rome, I gave it to her and she liked it very much. It is a sunset I observed from the terrace of her house in France.

Then I had a look on my season basket, still decorated for summer, and I thought it would be time to change it into an autumn look, which I did, although next month I can start again with Christmas decorations !

and as I still hadn't enough and the sun was shining a bit, I took out the faded geraniums and replaced them by fake flowers. Even in winter I want to have a look on flowers, with or without snow.
It's strange because in the front of the house the geraniums are still nice.

As Mr. G. was glued on TV to watch his Formular 1, I escaped to Ilona to update her on my holidays in France.

On Sunday it was pouring and the wind whistled around the house, when I woke up at 6 am ! Miss Pookie sat besides my bed and sang for breakfast. I fed her quickly and then returned into my bed. Experience has shown me that I better follow her orders and then can sleep in peace and not trying to send her to hell where she would sing until I would get up !

Fortunately at 10 am it cleared up and the sun came out, I was relieved because I had to go to the market to buy our cigarettes at half price. As soon as I sat in the bus, because it's impossible to drive to Brussels to the midi market, there is no parking space, it started to rain again. When I got out the sun was shining, lucky me. I went to the Café to meet my guy, and apparently wasn't the only one, because when showed up he greeted several other people. The Café was packed with British tourists and also a group of young German students, besides the usual clients. A vintage man played old French songs on an accordion and it was a very cheerful ambiance. The police with this cold and rainy weather preferred to stay in their heated offices and I saw none. When the weather is nice they are around, but they don't care about the cigarette seller, I even suspect that they are customers too. I also bought a warm bonnet, and then returned home. Again it rained while I was in the bus and again it stopped when I walked to my car.

But then the whole afternoon it was stormy, it rained and it was cold.

I did the laundry supervised by Princess Rosie when I put some things on the radiators.

The day ended with blogging and TV and I avoided to look outside ! Just one week ago I was in a T-shirt sitting outside on my friend's terrace celebrating her daughter's birthday in the South of France !


Our photos said...

Your season basket is beautiful!
Greetings, RW & SK

Sandra Carlier said...

It was raining here too for the first day of school! And Anaïs had her first day at the university! We were so tired but when arriving at home we found a good pot au feu Pierre cooked for us!!!!!!!!!!! Now I am full and Anaïs too! Happy birthday to Dominique! Hope she had good time in Rome!

Andrew said...

As you get depressed by the coming winter, we get cheered by the coming summer, well most people do. I dislike the heat.

I suppose, like here, every so often there is a clamp down on the sale of 'cheap' cigarettes, but most of the time it just goes on.

Linens and Royals said...

I like the quote you put on Dominique's gift.
Wish it would rain here, nothing is growing and my new mowing man has nothing to mow.
Pookie could you please tell Charlotte that 6am is acceptable but not 4am