1 Nov 2013


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1. Monday was my last day in the South of France I wrote about it here. I had a last glance on the beautiful landscape and then in the evening I prepared my suitcase.

2. My friend drove me to the airport in Marseille and even with my vintage face I apparently looked suspicious, because I had to open my suitcase in which of course he didn't find anything else then dirty laundry, and newly bought curtains. As medication is cheaper in France then in Belgium I had bought some classical things for our home pharmacy. I think he was quiet disappointed that I didn't had a bag of cocaine. I had to leave my hairspray behind, in case I intended to spray the pilot.

Mr. G. picked me up and looked real good, it seems to have some holidays from the own wife was relaxing, nobody told him what to eat, to do and avoid unhealthy things.

3. It was hard to get used to rather cool temperatures and the heating, on top it rained, so for the second day at home I felt "homesick". I put my T-shirts and summer clothing aside for next year and looked in my archives to see what I had for the winter. Maybe I need some new feathers.

4. I had to do some shopping and took the opportunity to make a tour with my new car, which had been the only thing I had missed ! The sun was shining and I drove and drove with no special destination, landed up in areas I had never seen, and when I had enough I told Mrs. GPS to take me home.

5. As they are All Saint's school holidays for a week, my painting class was on holidays too !  From Halloween I didn't see anything, not even in the shops. It has completely disappeared. Nobody in the street had done some decoration.

But then my young neighbor called and asked me if she could come over with her 3 year old son Maxime. Of course I said yes, found my witch head, a pumpkin and a witch I had from previous Halloweens and little Maxime was very impressed. He took the sweets posed for the picture, but was a little afraid of the witch. While there were there, suddenly 6 other kids showed up with their Dads and fortunately I had enough sweets for everybody. Last year I had bought sweets and nobody came !


  1. You only missed your car?? what about your 4 cats?
    Halloween is catching on here, last night a small girl called dressed as a witch. Her mother was standing nearby. Lucky I had bought some sweets just in case.

  2. L&R, what about her husband? If I worked at border patrol, I think I would pull you up. Look at that nice old lady being harassed by border control.

  3. We went out cause our street is very quiet but here as well not too many halloween kids ran around.We also bought two boxes of chips and chocolates to give out and now we will eat them.Also people just put up Christmas lights.

  4. Did you still have sweets left from last year??? What willpower not to eat them! I think men enjoy the freedom from wifey a little too. Welcome home! Hope your next holiday is a warm one. (Don't you go to Egypt in November?) Hugs

  5. Hoo! Marvelous! Halloween came at your home! I imagine the feeling of the 3 years old kid!!! HiHi! Sounds summer continues here for a few days! Un petit répit avant d'allumer le poêle!

  6. Glad you had a great trip and made it home safely!

    Odd about being pulled over by officials at the airport.

    We haven't had any trick-or-treaters since we moved to this house. At our previous house we'd get about 200. It would be nice to have it somewhere in-between those extremes.

  7. Welcome home, I expect you have adjusted again now, always difficult though.

  8. You wild woman, you! Trying to take hairspray on the plane!

    I hope you are adjusting to the cooler temperatures. I think the new car and the sunshine is helping.

  9. Hahaha, the hairspray comment cracked me right up. What you didn't miss the cats or Mr. G.? That must be some car! ;)

  10. Haha, Gattina, what an adventure! The cats and MrG must miss you and your humor!


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