28 Oct 2013


Claudie's daughter had her 22nd birthday. 17 people were invited. Pierre her husband was preparing the buffet, he worked the whole day, while we were visiting Arles.

He had prepared a very yummy buffet, which could have fed a whole army ! There were so many local specialities, I couldn't name them all and it's impossible to translate without writing down the whole recepe. Everybody ate with appetite and the sun was shining, it was a perfect day.

The boyfriend who is a pastry chef had baked these artistic cakes, reproducing Mellissa's paintings ! They tasted delicious, and nearly nothing was left.

It was a very amusing birthday party.

The rest of the afternoon, the men played boccia and only stopped when it started to get dark. It was quiet noisy, they had a lot of fun, while we had our fun watching them.

The birthday girl disappeared with friends to St. Tropez, while we ended the evening with eating up the left overs together with a couple of friends, and I suppose we will still have to eat for tomorrow !


  1. That table looks laden with goodies. Lucky you. I love a good buffet.

  2. Hi Gattina .. sounds a good party and fantastic to be able to enjoy cakes from a pastry chef ... glad the trip south has been fun ..

    Cheers Hilary

  3. Wow, I am impressed! The cakes especially looked lovely...edible copies of art!

  4. Wonderful array of food, wish I'd been there.

  5. The table looked great So much good looking stuff!! Lucky to have a chef in the house lol

  6. We had a such nice birthday party! We miss you Ingrid! it is raining still! and the temperature is only 15° now!!!!!

  7. Oh my gosh, what a wonderful buffet and a wonderful evening. And what a couple of talented and generous guys to do all the cooking!


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