29 Oct 2013


On my last day in Ollioules, we went to a friend of Claudie who has three donkey.

We arrived at a huge property with a little way leading to a beautiful house. The landscape was absolutely stunning !

Then we arrived with our bag of bread for the donkey.

Before feeding them we had a tea with cake in this very beautiful living room, which  looked like a round tent, but all in glass and cast iron. We chatted together and made a tour around the house. From some places you could see the sea from far.

and finally after having called them by their names, they all arrived and were happy to get the bread. I had never seen donkey like that, they were silver grey and looked as if they were sewed together as they had a black stripe on the back which looked like a seam. They were so friendly. How lucky they are to have such a nice home with such a huge territory to walk around.

I also liked the interior decoration very much

The kitchen was very modern and enormous. In the middle was the island in a corner a big round antic table and on the other side cupboards until the ceiling. There also was a big utility room.

After having spent a very nice afternoon, we returned home and Pierre had prepared a good bye meal for me, baked little potatoes with olive oil and garlic. I had never eaten such potatoes before and had asked him to prepare them for me for the last day. Tomorrow I fly home.


  1. That living room is absolutely beautiful! And those donkeys are too cute. I wonder though: is there part of a sentence missing from right underneath the donkeys?

  2. We had a such nice host, Josie! You could tell Illona about our afternoon cause the two women have a lot in common! Those donkeys were so cute!

  3. I love donkeys and these are super cute.

  4. What cute donkeys -- with that stripe, they do kind of look like stuffed toys! Beautiful home and plus another delicious meal prepared by your friend's husband...wow, is that guy a keeper ;>)

  5. That's a beautiful house on such a huge piece of land. The donkeys are cute, I don't know they eat bread. :)

  6. What an exciting holiday you've had, something different every day. My daughter loves donkeys and supports a donkey named Wayne in a donkey sanctuary in the UK.

  7. That house is really amazing!

  8. nice spot. looks like a great kitchen to cook in. I have a soft spot for donkeys. I never heard of feeding them bread tho.


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