24 Oct 2013


This morning when I woke up, I heard raindrops falling on the roof. I opened the shutters and saw a very familiar picture ... a grey sky and rain.

It was warm, at least that. I did my Yoga in front of the open window and the air was smelling so good. A mixture of parfume, spices and wood.

I had my coffee between the windows breathing this delicious air.

The morning went by quiet quickly with blogging, chatting and some housework.

After lunch we went shopping, and at the same time we drove back Claudie's daughter Anaïs who lives with her boyfriend in a cute little town nearby. I liked the palm trees in front of the supermarket and also these two very special trees. I have no idea what they are.

His flat was quiet outside in the middle of wine yards.

With three little houses around

Their cute little flat was on the other side of this house. We had a drink with them before we returned home. Pierre, Claudie's husband who loves to cook had prepared us a roasted duck with little roasted potatoes and a salad.

So despite the grey day, (the rain had stopped in the afternoon), it had been a very nice day.


Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, it does sound like a lovely day.
I wonder if those special trees might be cedars. Do they stay green all winter? Do they smell nice? They are a much brighter green than our cedars, but the tall narrow shape looks familiar.
Hug the cats for me, and hello to Ricardo.
—Kay and Dick and Lindy

Mara said...

While on holiday those are the best days: not having to do anything. Just pottering about and enjoying the day and the company.

Enjoy the rest and I hope the weather picks up for you!

Linens and Royals said...

All so different and interesting, keep the pics. coming. Haven't a clue what those trees are, nothing like them here.

Cezar and Léia said...

Besides the weather, it's a fun day there. So nice to be with good friends! :)

diane b said...

holidays can be fun whatever the weather

Loree said...

Rainy days are always nice days ;)

A Lady's Life said...

It's always nice with good company.