19 Aug 2013


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Saturday I woke up full of energy and plans ! I opened the stores and my heart sank ! It was grey and didn't look very inviting to go to Brussels and visit the “Floraliëntime”, a major international plant and flower arrangement event in Brussels City Hall and at Brussels’ Grand Place.

Pictures stolen from the web

Impossible to go there in this rain. I looked at the Webcam of the Grand'Place and saw only a few people walking there with umbrellas. No way to take pictures. I dropped the idea and thought I can go on Sunday.

In the afternoon it cleared up and the sun came out. I went to Nicole, we hadn't seen each other since mid July, as our holidays had crossed, so we had a lot to chat. She had been in Budapest and had loved the city.

We sat on her terrace in the sunshine and Charlie brought me his new toy, a pink rapid.

Sunday morning it was even worse it poured !

 I saw a waterfall coming from Dominique's roof. The cats waited under the pergola in the hope it would stop. But it didn't.

My young neighbor couple had a baby girl 2 month ago, and I hadn't seen her yet. I waited that the rain would stop and crossed the street. They have a little boy 5 months older then my grandson, he proudly showed me his little sister. His mom is also a cat lover and has two cats. They were sitting besides her while she fed the baby. Apparently after some difficulties at the beginning, the cats got used to the presence of a whirling around toddler. He is also very kind to them. We chatted a bit about what is in fashion now to bring up children because lots of things which were not good when I had a little boy are good now, like walking barefoot on a flat surface. I had been told that it would cause flat feet, now they say the opposite.

 Of course the little boy promptly fell off the sofa and hit his head against the table, she picked him up, comforted him, took out a box where she keeps "special" sweets against "booboos" only !  Apparently they were very efficient, because after having eaten one, he stopped crying and continued to play with his farm.  I found that a very good idea.

Meanwhile it was 5 pm and the sun had come out, and suddenly from 15°C the temperature raised to 25°, no wonder that people catch colds ! When I came home I had to change my pullover against a T-shirt and could blog on the terrace !

I only hope we will have nice weather when my friend Claudie arrives on Tuesday from the South of France !


A Lady's Life said...

You are so lucky to be able to travel to places because they are not so far away and there is so much to see and explore in Europe.

It was raining here a bit too these last couple of days. Summer is short and sweet. We enjoy our potted garden and the scenery around our cities but it is all the same ol thing.
I wish the days were longer... and life.

Andrew said...

Oh, I see a problem. Hurt child cries and gets a sweet. It won't take long for the child to work out an association between crying and a sweet reward.

Looks like you will have to wait until next year before seeing the flowers.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina .. sorry about the rain - thankfully it was dry here. The flower festival I'd love to see one day ..

Cheers Hilary

Cezar and Léia said...

Impressive rain here. Fortunately we were lucky about the weather in UK this time! :)
Love the composition of your pictures.Great collage of Brussels!Glad that you enjoy the visit there!
hugs and a nice week ahead!

Anonymous said...

Back from summer vacation and finishedn the hardest part of my job at the office, I had finally the trime to catch up with your blog, and I see you hit the road again! Nice, as always, reading about it.

Jo said...

Sorry it rained! I love that you're going to see Claudie again this week. (((Hugs))) Jo

Mara said...

So you never got to the flower and plant show in Brussels? What a shame, because it looks fantastic from the photos you stole! Perhaps next year.