23 Aug 2013


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1. I started the week by cleaning the guestroom because my friend Claudie from the South of France would arrive the next day to stay with us for 5 days. Then I went shopping and filled in the fridge so that  she wouldn't starve.

2. To discuss practical things for our trip to the Lake Geneva I went with Nicole to Dominique and we discussed what to take along, and we also inspected her trunk (booth) to decide if we would take suitcases or rather backpacks.We had a lot of fun with making plans.

3. Poor Claudie arrived late evening after 9 pm, her train was nearly 2 h late and she missed her correspondence to Brussels. The poor girl arrived rather tired after having spent almost 12 h mostly in the stations ! The normal travel time is about 5 h !

4. As at half past 11the next morning she was still sleeping, I finally went into her room ! She wasn't sleeping anymore but thought it was too early to get up, the alarm clock on the bedside table showed a quarter past 8 ! I had completely forgotten the alarm clock and it was set 2 h behind ! The day started with a lot of laughter.

The weather was wonderful and we had our lunch in the garden.

Then I took her to the Cinquantenaire park. King Leopold II created the park to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the independence of Belgium in 1880. The park covers 30 hectares (74 acres) of classic gardens with hedges of laurels and a symmetric plan. The museums of Art and History (Cinquantenaire Museum), Aviation, the Army and Military History and Autoworld are situated here.

We didn't go into the museums but rather walked through this beautiful park and had a look on the European institution buildings which start from there. 

On the way back I showed Claudie where I had lived with my parents, the church I married and our first apartment. Then we went to the nearby located park, where we had walked our baby boy, fed the swans and geese  before we moved to Waterloo. The old Brasserie was still there and we sat there and enjoyed the sunshine. Unfortunately the Brasserie had been modernized and was all in modern black and white furniture inside, which really looked awful and didn't fit at all with the untouched old outside of the building. Then we drove home put on our kaftans and had supper outside, Mr. G. was in his best shape and served us better then a waiter ! The day ended with a little movie on TV.


For our next excursion Dominique joined us and we first went to our little Greek restaurant and had a very good meal ! Then I drove them to the other end of Brussels, where we took the Waterbus (I wrote about it here) and started our cruise on the Canal. The ship was quiet full and at the last stop before the ship turned around to go back we stepped out and visited a group of amateur painters who were sitting there painting the landscape.

Above you can see our cruise ship and some of the landscapes of Brussels we saw from the water. Our guide told us that  the ugly new buildings are called "little Manhatten". We had a lot of fun on the ship and laughed a lot with two other ladies who told us some of the stories of the new builds where the architect had forgotten the lift in a building of over 15 floors and another one where they had forgotten to connect the building to the canalisation.

At 5 pm the cruise was finished and we returned home, just in time before it started to rain !


Jo said...

Once again, I just WISH I was there with you, but anyway, thanks for sharing; it felt like I was! Welcome to Claudie. And what fun you all had eventually together with Dominique. Great that Mr G was on hand as well. I love the sound of your arrangements to go to Lake Geneva. BTW you look SUPERB in turquoise. Love the turban. Have a great weekend. (((Hugs))) Jo

Andrew said...

I recently learnt a new word, onesie. Your kaftans look like you are in onesies. Since I learnt the word onecie, I have seen people queueing at night clubs wearing onesies. We have no need for shame about what we wore in the seventies and eighties.

Anonymous said...

What a great visit with your friend! You sound like a wonderful hostess. That would be exhausting for a 5 hour trip to take 12 hours.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

This looks and sounds like a great time with your friend! That park is just beautiful.

Have a great week ahead!

Susanne said...

I'm sure you friend is having such a wonderful time with your being a great hostess. Funny about the alarm clock.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

What a good hostess you are! Lucky friends. Sounds like so much fun. Mr. G is very accommodating, serving your dinner...what a good guy he is!

::: said...
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Mar said...

Glad to know you two are having fun and enjoying each other's company!! many regards, just got back from a 2-week vacation at the Pyrenees. [sorry I had to delete prior comment- wrong gmail account :D ]

jennyfreckles said...

I love to hear what you've been up to each week. You have more fun in your days than I have in mine. I must learn the right attitude, from you.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Are you queuing up at 5am to buy the lattest craze, cronuts?

Sandra Carlier said...

What a marvelous cruise we had on the canal! I miss already our trips through and around Brussels!