26 Aug 2013


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The weekend was wonderful until Sunday, when I had to take Claudie to the station and she returned to France.

We went to Villers la Ville an ancient Cistercian abbey located near the town of Villers-la-Ville in the Brabant province of Belgium. Founded in 1146, the abbey was abandoned in 1796. The site today contents only the ruins. (I wrote about this abbey here).

We walked around and through these beautiful historical site, took a lot of pictures

There was a group of young students who played a game in the ruins, and we watched them and found them also a little everywhere. They had hidden little papers in between the stones to continue their play.

To rest our hurting legs we had a drink in the ancient mill, which is now a restaurant. Claudie loved to try out all the different Belgian beers and this one she loved really very much it was raspberry beer.
On the way back we stopped at Nicole's and stayed for a while with her on her patio.

The next day it rained ! We hoped that the rain would stop, but unfortunately it didn't.

We finally stopped at the The Église Notre Dame du Sablon (Church of Our Lady of Sablon). It is a pretty Late Gothic church, built in the 15th and 16th centuries, Notre Dame du Sablon is noted for its four-fold gallery with brightly colored stained-glass windows (illuminated from the inside at night), which makes a striking contrast with the gray-white Gothic arches and walls.
Also worth seeing are the two baroque chapels decorated with funeral symbols in white marble.

On the "Place du Sablon" is an important antique market each Sunday. But this time there was also a music festival going on, so we had music, ate the good Belgian chips in a paper box and had a drink in an old Brasserie. Unfortunately now they keep the outside of the buildings but the inside had again been changed in black and white modern furniture and looked like a Sushi Shop. Instead of keeping the old cozy wooden furniture !

On the way back we stopped at Ilona's and had a coffee together. 

Quiet tired in the evenings after supper, we were watching little crime stories on TV. My cats were also very happy about her visit !

On Sunday morning I went with her to the South station and while she took the train, I made my shopping on the market.

The 5 days  flew by so quickly !


Cezar and Léia said...

Glad that you enjoy the week with your friend Claudie!Love the pictures of the Villers - la Ville, wonderful sunshine and I love ruins as well, great theme for photography!
Even during a rainy day you always get beautiful images!I like a lot your umbrella, it's fashion! :)

jabblog said...

You had a lovely time with Claudie - very busy. The rain doesn't spoil everything, does it? It just adds a different dimension.

Jo said...

Oh the time did fly by quickly but you fit in so much. Thanks for sharing your interesting historic city with me and for another visit with Claudie. (I'm getting to know your friends very well now!) (((Hugs)) Jo

Sandra Carlier said...

Nice to admire your pics! We made so much! I will show the pics on the tv to the family so that they can admire fully our adventures in your beautiful Belgium!

A Lady's Life said...

Time does fly when you are having fun and good to have so many places to visit and explore.
We go shopping check out the flowers, play with my plants and then I do chores and crochet and the day goes by quickly. It is getting cold and wet again so I have to think about bringing the plants inside soon.
I am looking to buy a spider plant because I love to see the babies hanging like the straw berry plants
They are good to keep on the buffet
or some other high furniture.
The babies keep me happy.

Joyful said...

It looks like you had a very nice visit despite some rain! Have a great week ahead :-)

Andrew said...

Looks like a sushi shop, haha. You never fail to make me smile.