15 Jul 2013


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On Saturday morning I woke up with my trachea aching when I breathed. I thought that isn't true, I won't start again with these bronchitis ! My mood sank  I ! There is nothing to do I have to go to see the Doctor again. Nevertheless I didn't feel sick so I went to Ilona's who wasn't in her best shape neither.

Together it's easier to carry our miseries, which we did while sitting in her garden and having tea. We chatted a lot, after all we had nothing at our tongues. As you can see Ilona loves cats too !

The evening I spent fumbling around with my Kindle tablet, each day I learn a little more by pushing on all available links and buttons, and then I find what I wanted, but don't ask me how. I was able to change my Kindle name and even set the clock which still had NY time, managed to open one of my downloaded books, and downloaded some photo albums too. So now I am  quiet happy, although I still have to get used to handle it properly.

On Sunday morning I took the bus to the midi station. Since July 1, there are new travel cards for seniors, not free travel anymore but you have to pay 30 € per year for that. The State needs money  ! And instead of increasing the taxes for four wheel drive cars and Jeeps, blocking the narrow streets in Brussels, and ask  a tax to use it for driving in the city center, no, they prefer to take the money from those who already don't have enough.

The weather was beautiful and I walked around found a nice turquoise cardigan, and cheap fruits, and then had a cool beer on the terrace.

The man who sat in front of me had this awful tattoo in fact he was full of tattoos and his wife too. They should see themselves when they are 70 or more !

We have lots of Moroccans  in Belgium, living around the South station, coming over from France as it had been a French colony before. Since the religious troubles started with 9/11, more and more women are wearing scarfs. Even more then I saw in Morocco. It seems to become an identity sign, because you see young girls in mini skirts and scarf (certainly not approved by Mohamed) or other very sexy clothes. I think I will wear a scarf, because it protects well from wind and sunshine !

The afternoon I spent in our garden at my favorite working place when the weather is warm and already the weekend was over. Especially Sundays are quiet boring as all shops and stores are closed and the streets empty.


Jo said...

I'm glad your visit with Ilona fixed you more than the doctor! Believe it or not, over the weekend Grant caught a chest cold again, and must have passed it onto to me. Now we are visiting our hospital this morning and hopefully the new Indian doctor will make short work of this darn flu bug that won't leave us! Have a great day. Jo

diane b said...

I love your sun visor for the computer. Well done with the kindle. You'll be an expert soon.

Fun60 said...

Say Hi to llona for me. Would you believe it we are having a heat wave here with temp in the 30s so as my next walk is a very long one I have decided to wait a couple of days until it cools a little. Pleased you are getting on so well with your kindle. Mine is just a basic one that I use for reading. Yours sounds like an all dancing and singing one.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Love the computer in a box~ you can sit in the sunshine and work.

jennyfreckles said...

Ooh, hope you fight off that dreadful bronchitis that is hanging around for so long. It's a heatwave here. Is it hot there? It means more air pollution I think.

Loree said...

Hope you feel better soon. I don't get the scarves either but anyway, to each his own, as they say.

Mara said...

I actually thought that tattoo was very nice and stylish!

Andrew said...

Normally I would suggest more is better, but in the case of tatts, a little restraint is perhaps better.

Btw, I am sure Microsoft sells something that will do the same job as your box, for a good bit of money and it won't work as well.