19 Jul 2013


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1. The whole week we had really wonderful summer weather. Warm but not too hot always around 25°C (77 F). I had no energy to waste for doing something special so I put myself on holidays in my home.

Anyway I had my bronchitis again, but didn't feel sick, the doctor had come and has prescribed me again the pump with the mask and inhalations 3 times per day. My cats are used to the noise now, and while Rosie watches me, Arthur checks on the neighbors or people in the street.


 My favorite office. I am supervised by my cats Pookie and Rosie

Each day was similar, in the mornings some little household scores, and preparing Blog posts for the next day. In the afternoon sitting on the terrace with my notebook in the carton to keep out the light and a little sunbath for 20 min not more, that is enough to get some colors. I hate roasting in the sun !

3.  I learned more and more to use my Kindle Fire HD which I got from my son for my birthday, and am very happy now because I know how to use the features I want to use. I managed to download 3 books, one in German, one in French and one in English, and have started the German book which is a very funny crime story.

4. Now the half an hour of inhaling the medicine is almost a pleasure because the time goes by so quickly thanks to the Kindle ! I watch "Escape to the Country" on YouTube, or something else, and try to discover more features. I can read my mails, the newspaper, etc and it's really nice ! Now I can say what a wonderful gift ! Much better then an ebook reader only.

5. I went to the hospital to pick up my friend (and neighbor) Dominique who had a spine surgery and was allowed to return home. It was a pleasure to see her so happy and walking around without pain. I had filled in her fridge with frozen plates for 5 days so she won't starve. I was only upset about her family, from her 5 brothers and 4 sisters in law and her 3 adult children, nobody had time to pick her up. The children were on holidays. This confirms again that when you are in need you see who is really there for you. When she had rested a bit we sat in our garden and had an ice cold Karkade  (Ibiscus) tea.

Now I am looking forward to my next trip on July 25, first a day in London before taking the train late afternoon to Eastbourne at the English South East coast, staying with my friends as I do each year.


diane b said...

Gosh it doesn't seem a year since you were in Eastbourne last. That is sad about Dominique's family. It sure is true, you know who really cares when you are sick. 4 sons and not one of them could help??? Sorry to hear about your recurring bronchitis. I get it when I go to Europe or USA but not often when I'm home. I take an asthma spray to help keep it away. I know it sounds funny but it works.

Jo said...

Oh your weather sounds wonderful. I love your outdoor office and the supervisors! That bug just won't leave a human, will it? I too, am appalled at the lack of concern that Dominique's children have shown. Fortunately you are there for her. Please give her a big [soft!] hug from me and tell her I wish her a speedy recovery. Have a great, warm weekend. (((Hugs))) Jo

A Lady's Life said...

Gosh I hope your bronchitis goes away Sucks to have it in summer.
I hear many good things about kindle
but still prefer my computer.
Happy all went well with your friend.

soulbrush said...

Yes it has been sweltering here- far hotter than even 25. Hope it cools down for your trip.

Sandra Carlier said...

Nice to learn you are happy with your gift now! It takes time to learn how to use new technology! I have a GPS in my new car with the radio and I am in the same feeling that you cause it is a little complicate and I should take a time learning. Hello to the nice Dominique from Ollioules!

EastCoastLife said...

Hope Dominique and you are feeling better. What a thoughtful son to give you a Kindle. It would be great to read when I am traveling, have to get myself one too. :)

Reader Wil said...

Happy abdication and coronation day tomorrow! Your new king and ours are the youngest kings in Europe. They still have young children.
You haven't got my e-mail address it is: wil dot francois at gmail dot com
In case we are in each other's neighbourhood! You are always welcome.

Reader Wil said...

Sorry Gattina, I didn't read your post, but now I understand that you are still ill. I hope that you will soon be better. You are a great friend and neighbour. We have a saying in Holland which says that a good neighbour is better than a faraway friend.

soulbrush said...

Write to my email address when you get to London and I will surely try to meet you for a cup of tea. jossross@yahoo.com

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina .. hope you're feeling better by the end of the week - give me an email when you're settled in -

... looks like hot weather here too .. cheers Hilary