12 Jul 2013


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1. The week started with food shopping for my starving Mr. G. He is always anxious that he doesn't get something to eat, because, as you know, love goes through the stomac, at least concerning men.

2. I had quiet a lot to do with sorting out all my pictures which I had taken in Amsterdam and on my birthday cruise.

3. I started to try to use the Kindle Fire HD which I had got from my son for my birthday and tried to find out how to download books. (or is it upload ?)


Each time I switch on that thing I get another picture. And then I didn't know what to do. Mr. G. got a manual from a friend, which I tried to read and do what was written, but of course I didn't find what was written and after having tried until midnight, and still hadn't a book to read, I switched off the light before I threw the Kindle against the wall.

4. After the family birthday celebration in Amsterdam, I had the birthday party with my best friends. Unfortunately two were missing, one was in hospital and the other is still under 65 and therefore had to work.

I had invited them for a cruise on Brussels' canal and saw we a landscape of Brussels we had never seen.

I had prepared a picnic to eat on board, a delicious noodle salad and as we had 45 min to wait for the ship, we had our picnic on a bench just in front of the boarding place. A young man took the picture and had a good laugh when we told him that we were celebrating my 70th birthday !

Then we were sitting on the boat and enjoyed the view.

When Ilona cut the birthday cake baked by Chantal, the captain also wanted a piece and started to sing "Happy birthday" and all the other passengers joined in ! It was really a lot of fun !

The cruise lasted 3 h and then we drove to Ilona's to open a bottle of champagne and I got my birthday gifts !

I felt very spoiled. At 8 pm I finally arrived home, tired but happy ! As I didn't want to make another Kindle massacre, I just managed to open YouTube to watch a Hercule Poirot (Agatha Christie) series, instead of reading a book.

5. After blogging and some household scores I attacked my Kindle again !

This time I got this image and I absolutely don't know what that means ! I also had forgotten the cable and battery charger in Amsterdam, so my Kindle died after a while. Mr. G. looked for a cable to connect to my computer and suddenly I had the good idea to copy and paste pictures from my computer to the Kindle ! I also downloaded 3 books via my computer, as I am really in war with the tactile screen I don't know if I slap too hard on it, but I always get functions I don't want and still don't know how to download pictures and books directly on my Kindle.

I sincerely hope that in a couple of years days it will work !


  1. Sounds you had a such marvelous birthday on the boat! I imagine all the passengers singing happy birthday!!!! You have marvelous friends! The gifts are very nice! Hope you will fing the solution for the gift you recerived in Amsterdam! Don't you know anyone who has one?

  2. I love that cat broach and they always make machines that make life
    difficult. lol Nothing like a nice old paper book.

  3. Fab birthday celebration. Hope you get the hang of your Kindle soon -- I have the cheapy version (not the Fire) and I love it very much. But all I can do on it is read. So I need my IPAD and IPHOne for all the other apps. I have had many moments when I felt like throwing one or the other against the wall. I guess it is keeping our brains active, huh?

  4. Your birthday cruise looks like SO much fun! When I got my Kindle, I had a son here...and that helped. They just "get" this stuff, you know. Now I download books directly so easily. Hope you get it all worked out! Have a great week ahead.

  5. IMDb is a website for movies. Internet Movie Data base. It's one of Mr. Willow's favorite places to read about movies!

    Keep persevering with the Kindle. You may be getting new pictures each time simply because when you turn it on or open it, you get to see the 'advert'.

    Your birthday cruise sounds exactly like something I'd love to do too! Happy happy birthday to you!

  6. Happy Birthday again. The cruise looked loads of fun. You sound like me with my iPad.

  7. Ha! The cartoon cracked me right up!

    Happy birthday to you! What a wonderful way to celebrate such a special birthday!

    I can totally relate to the frustration with a new electronic device. I dread getting anything new because it takes me so long to figure it out. But keep plugging away at it. You seem to be very good at that kind of thing.

  8. Happy belated birthday greetings, Gattina. What a marvelous idea about having a birthday cruise.

    Technology can be soooo frustrating. I hope you get your Kindle working soon.

    I love watching/reading anything Agatha Christie.

  9. I have still not been convinced by any e-reader type thingies. I prefer my paper books. As long as I don't loose them on the bus that is!

  10. Catching up, as you can see... it looks like a fun bday celebration, and you enjoyed wonderful weather as well. I have the kindle touch (currently replaced by the k paper white) and I am very happy with it, didn't it come with a tutorial? hope you get used to it soon.


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