21 Jun 2013


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1. I think our weatherman drinks too much wine ! Since the beginning of the week, he is always wrong. On Monday it should have been very hot and sunny the whole day (even the hottest day of the year) instead it rained, it was windy and rather cold and I had to do my shopping with a raincoat ! I stayed for a little while with Dominique to keep her company and also fill in her freezer.

2. With these weather changes from Northpole temperatures to desert heat, I started feeling unwell again and my bronchitis came back ! My mood sank under the level zero !  As I also had fever again, Mr. G. called our doctor and I told him that now it is enough that's the 3rd time this year, that it happens to me. Apparently it is a kind of virus and difficult to kill, but this time he said he will use stronger weapons, not quiet an atomic bomb but nearly. Now I have to do 3 times inhalations with the help of a mask and a pump.

Which makes me look like Frankenstein's daughter and my cats ran all away. First I tried it sitting in a chair but laying on the bed works better. So I do some Yoga exercises to breath as deep as I can. This operation lasts 20 min and is hard because I hate to lay still.

3. Feeling better I thought some aqua gym would be good for me I only had to pay attention not to catch a cold It was very nice and while we were "working" in the water it rained cats and dogs outside, despite the fact that the weatherman had again announced beautiful weather ! After a nice cup of tea and some chats, I returned home, but stopped to buy me something to comfort myself, but as usual if you look for something you don't find it.

4. Our roller coaster weather continues and the crazy weatherman had announced thunderstorms during the night, rain the whole day and cool temperatures.

The reality looked different, fortunately ! It was so hot that you could hardly breath and although I had installed my "office" on the terrace I had the impression to work in an oven. My little secretary watched me from time to time, opening her eyes was too tiring, sometimes she moved and slept on the bark.

The house behind our garden which is still not ready since 4 years had suddenly some workers there to work on the bricks, but not for long and then they disappeared again. It must be something not very clean, as long as a house is not finished you don't have to pay taxes. And after 5 years you can sell it with a big benefit ! It will make exactly 5 years next year and I bet it will be finished by then and sold !

5. For the first time since weeks I went to my painting course again. Or I had been sick or I was on holidays ! It was nice to see the whole group again and we had a lot to catch up on what had happened during my absence !

The afternoon I spent on the terrace and waited for the announced thunderstorm and rain and cool temperatures, instead the sun was shining and I even could let "Oscar" the robot mow the lawn.

I think our weathermen should rather look out of the window and not on their instruments ! The whole week they were wrong !!


Anonymous said...

j'ai aussi un ancien collègue qui a une pompe afin d'aspirer de l'air aussi

Linens and Royals said...

Today is the Winter Solstice here so it must be the Summer Solstice for you, hope your weather improves.
And I hope your bronchitis improves and your breathing machine works.
Such a bother for you when you are always so busy.
Are you sure it's not a fur ball you need to cough up??? Those 4 cats shedding their summer fur????

Kara said...

how wonderful to have nice weather unexpectedly! We are having beautiful weekend here which is nice for the first day of summer

Kathie said...

Sorry to hear that you've been unwell. I hope you're better soon - and get some sunshine too. That always helps!

Our weatherman was also wrong this week but since he predicted rain and we had sun, I'm not complaining!

What kind of painting do you do? I took an acrylic painting course this winter and really enjoyed it.

Hope the sun peeks through for you this weekend!

Faith said...

Well Happy First day of Summer and I really hope and pray that you will begin to feel better soon! Yes the weather has been a bit crazy here too in the states. Much flooding, then hot and humid, then downright chilly. But today, thank the good Lord, it is SUNNY AND WARM!! perfect for Summer Solstice!! My daughter (the oldest) is an Art/Math major at college. She loves to paint in her spare time.

Susanne said...

Hopefully that mask medicine will do the trick this time and that virus will really be dead and gone. I'm looking forward to some warmth and sunshine too. I've had enough of cool, cloudy and rainy days!

jennyfreckles said...

I always think I prefer to live in a place where you never know what the weather will be, than one where it is the same every day. That would be boring. Sorry to hear you're not well again. Hope you feel better soon and that this treatment really does kill the bugs off for good.

Mrs. C (Paula) said...

Lots of heat where I live. It does make breathing tough sometimes. I hope that your bronchitis clears up. :)

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I hope you regain your health soon and the weather proves more predictable.

Sandra Carlier said...

Nice you could go to the aquagym and return to the paintings club! Hope a nice meteo for the summer time!

ellen b. said...

ha! That's too funny about your weatherman's wrong predictions...or not so funny. I'm glad you are feeling better and hope the new medicine killed whatever was ailing you. Maybe a good bit of sunshine is heading your way...don't quote me, I'm not a weatherman.

A Lady's Life said...

This weather is terrible these days
We are ending june and its changing from one minute to the other.
We are still in sweaters like we are in winter.
No wonder people are all sick.
Well hope you get well soon.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Is this a nubuliser? Now in Malaysia and Singapore, people need the mask because of the haze.