20 Jun 2013


Jenny Matlock
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When we approached Edinburgh on our tour around the UK we wondered how many men we would see with a kilt instead of trousers.

The first one we saw was for tourists on a border which should "separate" Scotland from England. Of course as a real Scot he asked for money to take a picture.

When the bus stopped our guide did a walk with us through Edinburgh city center and to the castle.
It was really very beautiful, but we didn't see one man in a kilt ! Ilona  had dreamed of Scots all looking like Sean Connery and we were rather disappointed. They all looked more or less  normal  like men everywhere !

The walk through Edinburgh had shown us a little of the town, but we wanted to see more. What is the best to do when you want to visit a city you don't know ? It's taking a sightseeing bus !

And that's what we did.

We had a nice overview of Edinburgh, lots of explanations, which unfortunately I have already forgotten and should look it up again the day I write about Edinburgh.

The only thing I really do remember because I had never heard of this,  was Edinburgh's Greyfriars Kirk graveyard. There had been a lot of "Bodysnatchers" in the 19th century, who stole the bodies for the medical and private anatomical schools. Apparently it was a very lucrative business. To protect their dead relatives, a family member used to sit on the grave for at least 3 weeks or the graves where protected by iron bars. It was a rather eerie place and the guard didn't wear a kilt either !

What we saw "en masse" were kilts to buy. But I can't imagine Mr. G. wearing a kilt on Waterloo's market when he goes shopping. Instead of buying a kilt, I bought a scarf from a real Highland sheep !

Of course we saw a few men in kilts, but it was their working clothes for the tourists. The guy with the shield suddenly jumped on them and most of the people laughed, but not all !

Before we returned to the hotel, we had a baked potato  and pitied the guy who talked for hours about our sins and what to do to follow Jesus. Of course nobody listened. He must have lost his voice at the end of the day.

and then finally, near the station we saw a real Scot, just coming out of his office ! Not quiet Sean Connery, but still ....


Linens and Royals said...

Men in kilts marching around and playing the bagpipes!! My fantasies come true!

Cezar and Léia said...

Dear Gattina, your pictures from Edinburgh are wonderful. When we visited there last year, it was cold and rainy.Even that we love our days there, this city is amazing and we want to come back. I tried to buy some traditional clothes but I gave up as I thought they were so expensive, mainly the kilts!
Glad that you enjoyed this wonderful trip and thanks for sharing your images!

Kathy Shell said...

What a beautiful city.

It interests me as the first female Australian settler I write about in my first book, Billabong Ghost, went to university in Edinburgh before migrating to Australia.

Ryn Shell

Stewart M said...

Edinburgh is a great town - we went to the fringe festival a couple of times.

Kilts must be an acquired taste - but it tend to wear shorts in winter, so it may be the same thing!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Kathy Shell said...

It does look to be a beautiful city

SarahBeth said...

Sean Connery in a kilt.... ahh, what a vision! Watch Celtic Thunder perform on PBS sometime -- very cute in kilts!

That graveyard is a bit eerie -- I can't imagine having to protect your loved one's grave from grave robbers.

Kay L. Davies said...

I spent a week in Edinburgh with my parents and siblings in 1996, and I loved just being there. My sister-in-law Maria, who was born in the Netherlands, was surprised so many people had red hair like my brother and their two boys. We told her that's where he got his red hair, from our Scottish ancestors.
I am getting tired of travel, but I do want to visit Scotland again.

fredamans said...

I have a childhood friend that left Canada and now lives in Edinburgh. She loves it there!
Nice photos!

Andrew said...

It looks cold in Edinburgh and we will spend a couple of nights there at the same time next year as you were there.

storybeader said...

that's quite amazing - the pic of the man leaving work wearing a kilt! I loved touring Ireland - Scotland looks very similar. Thanks for the tour! {:-Deb

diane b said...

I found it a little grey and depressing in Edinburgh except we were there at festival time and the streets were teeming with entertainers. You looked like you had sunny days but still cool. Amazing history there.

Susan Anderson said...

Glad you were able to find at least one true kilt-wearer!


Eden House News and views said...

brilliant post thank you

Eden House News and views said...

brilliant post thank you

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

My sister married a Scot, a McArthur. and had four children, Scott, Robert, Donald and Elizabeth. How Scottish is that! They all have kilts and wear them on formal occasions. Her eldest just got married wearing his kilt in the McArthur tartan.

Betty said...

So they don't all wear kilts after all. Interesting post for Alphabe-Thursday.

Jenny said...


What an excellent post!

I didn't realize it but I think I had that same vision in my head.

I somehow CANNOT picture my husband or any man I know in a kilt.

That last one is really beautiful, though, isn't it?

This was such a fun and excellent stop for the letter "E".

Thanks for the smile!