17 Jun 2013


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On Sunday morning I was in London attending the Trooping the Color, as you can see above, while I was laying on the sofa and had a cup of coffee !

I finally had sorted out my holiday pictures and had invited my friends to see them on TV all together.
Mr. G. installed his multimedia device (thing), which allows to see your photos on TV. Of course it didn't work, but after some Italian not repeatable words, the thing finally worked.

The first one who arrived was Chantal, but she was more interested in seeing Oscar the lawn mower robot working then in our holidays so we went outside and I put it in the middle of the grass and switched it on. Meanwhile the others had arrived too, and finally, as the weather was warm enough to sit outside, we had our coffee, tea, and cookies sitting there and chatted while Oscar mowed the lawn. The result was, that we stayed there and Mr. G. complained that he had worked for nothing ! And while we had our fun he filled in the tax declarations on computer for Dominique and an other neighbor.That's why we are not all on the picture.

Charlie, Nicole's dog watched Oscar too and sniffed at it, found that it didn't smell at all and returned under the table warming up our feet in the hope some crumbs would drop off the table. The cats didn't mind, Charlie just ignores them, so they stayed where they were and looked at him in disgust.

We spent a very nice afternoon, and everybody said that it was the first time in their lives, they were watching a lawn mower for so long just as a kind of funny movie. Now Chantal and Dominique want to buy one too.

On Sunday I thought we had the yearly parade of the  Waterloo Battle soldiers, which is a very colorful event, but I had mixed up the dates, found Waterloo center empty and saw that it is planned for next Sunday ! Instead I went for a little walk on the market in the next town, but there was nothing special I found besides a turquoise scarf, similar to the one I had lost in Edinburgh.

In the afternoon we had the visit of Mr. G's young friend, and they discussed together about politics and business, so I escaped and returned to my computer.

Once again it started to rain and we still have cool temperatures around 15°C.


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina .. glad you got your photos sorted out - I missed the T of C this year .. but was occupied doing other things ..

Cheers Hilary

Andrew said...

Something has caused a patch of your grass to go brown. Maybe Oscar vomited up some oil.

Maribeth said...

My report is also up. Including a report about the mower man who sliced up our garden hose!

Loree said...

I loved your comment on my last post. BTW, happy birthday.

Linens and Royals said...

So Oscar is more entertaining than your holiday photos?? Do you have side gates to stop Oscar trying to escape onto the road??