25 Mar 2013


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I slowly recovered from my cold last week and felt a lot better on Saturday.

As usual I got my weekly Skype call from Toby, but this time he wasn't in the mood at all to look at his  grandma's boring face, he preferred by far to play with a green jeep ! Yes he is now in the TT (terrible two) age, where he discovers that he has an own will !  I admired the jeep and continued talking with his Dad.

I also got a picture of him in his new bed ! He became too small for his baby bed and seems to be proud to sleep now in a normal bed. The baby is gone, welcome to the little boy !

It was a very boring day I couldn't go out because of the bad weather, fortunately in the evening I had a theatre play, which was hilarious. Just what I needed to cheer me up !

The play was called "My Mother in Law is crazy" (Ma belle mère est givrée) and she really was ! Sometimes the actors had to stop because the whole audience laughed so much.

When we got back to my car it started to snow !!

and on Sunday morning when I opened the shutters I had again a black and white view !! I wonder if this winter will ever end. It hasn't happened in Belgium since 1916 that we had snow end of March !

Mr. G recovers from his cold and did a long nap while I watched  a little TV and sorted out photos. No way to put a foot outside it's so windy and cold and the roads quiet slippery ! 


Cezar and Léia said...

Toby is adorable, love his pictures!I'm so disappointed in this beginning of Spring.We also had snow and grey sky during the weekend.
At least you had the opportunity to enjoy the play comedy,lucky you!
After my trip, I was still suffering of jet leg.That's mean a "cat life", as I took long naps with Luna. :)
hugs and a nice day!

Maribeth said...

Janet and her Dave came with a wonderful seafood lasagna. I feel so spoiled right now with all this attention being on me. Things are looking up.
I go to the doctor tomorrow to check all the plastic surgery work, I know this will be a long recovery, but in the end I hope to have a normal nose.

EastCoastLife said...

Gosh, it's still snowing in Belgium! I thought you have seen the last of it.

Glad that Mr G and you are recovering well. Take care.

Loree said...

It is strange that it is still so cold. And here it is quite warm already. Ah yes, the terrible twos. I remember them well - all the screaming and stamping of feet :(