29 Mar 2013


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I have still not fully recovered from my cold, what stayed is a terrible fatigue which makes me very angry as I am not used to that I think last time it happened to me must be at least 7 years ago.

So I drag myself from kitchen to computer, at least there I can sit and still see something of the world !
What a nice thing blogging is when you feel so weak.

On Monday evening I was invited for Ilona's 70th birthday. Of course I didn't want to miss this event, especially we are born in the same year and I will celebrate my 70th birthday this year too.

Her daughter had organized a big party secretly, Ilona didn't know anything ! She was so surprised when she saw her whole family and best friends. Ilona has 5 grandchildren who are all married or in a relationship and the baby you see is her great granddaughter ! I think she looks great for a great grandma !
It was a real nice party and we all had a lot of fun. At 10 I returned home, and was happy that I had made it !

Ilona had invited friends for coffee and cake in honor of  her birthday in her home, and we spent a nice afternoon all together, but at 5 pm I had to go home, I was feeling again so tired.

Our painting class had its last day before the Easter holidays, I pulled myself together and went there at least to say  hello, for painting I didn't have the energy. The entrance of the retirement home where we have our classes had decorated some vitrines for Easter, but less then last year. I think it's just because it's so cold and also because Easter is so early this year. I loved the little bunnies made from 2 wool balls. What a nice idea.

I had to drive my neighbor to the hospital for her monthly eye shot, I just managed to get there and back, which left me exhausted ! The next day I just did nothing except some blogging. I just didn't feel like doing anything. Fortunately the freezer is filled with lots of meals, which I just have to warm up in the micro wave.

 Hopefully it will get better next week ! My energy is hidden like an Easter egg and I just can't find it !


Mara said...

Oh I do hope you will feel better soon. Nothing worse than feeling sluggish.

Faith said...

Oh I hope you start to feel better very soon! I caught a cold too this week and definitely have been more fatigued with this one...I need some warm sunshine!! That's great that you got to celebrate with your friend and her milestone birthday.....70!! that is great!! I hope you enjoy a wonderful Easter weekend reflecting on all that Christ has done for us!

Andrew said...

Maybe when some good weather arrives you will regain a spring in your step.

Maribeth said...

Feel better soon. I know what you mean about illness taking all your strength. I feel like that myself right now.

Susanne said...

I hope you start getting some of your energy back soon. It's hard to enjoy anything when one is always feeling fatigued but I'm glad you were able to make it out to your friends special birthday. Both of you look awesome for turning 70 this year.

Hope you get some warmth and sunshine coming your way soon.

Jo said...

Awww, I been away so long, I didn't even know you're ill. I hope you're already improving and will regain your normal energy and zest for life again. Happy Birthday to Illona. Wow, she looks good for a g/grandma! Have a great weekend. (((Hugs))) Jo

Brenda said...

I'm sorry you're feeling so tired. Looks like your giving yourself the right medicine by resting and not over-doing it. Hope you feel better soon. Maybe your energy will return in a couple days when all the eggs are found?

A Lady's Life said...

You are a lady so much on the go. Sometimes you need a break and just do nothing.
So stay warm drink plenty of lemon tea and maybe a smoothy with veggies parsely and fruit for energy.

Wish you a Happy Easter and hope the Bunny leaves you something in the back yard to enjoy.
Take Care Gatttina.:)

Fun60 said...

I hope the weather warms up soon as I am sure blue skies and sunshine will help you feel more like your normal active self again. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

wilbo43 said...

Sorry to hear you've been unwell. Diane tells me you love 'Who Dunnits', just like I do, maybe you can help me with the plot on my blog. Have a great Easter.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

isn;t it a coincidence the meme is green? Take plenty of lemon and warm honey drink.

Taro is like a yam, and My family used to eat them too. processing is hard work, so I am too lazy to prepare and eat them.