4 Jan 2013


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1. This week I stayed 5 days at my friend Claudie's in the South of France for the New Year's Eve.

From a grey and cold Waterloo I arrived in Ollioules' almost Spring weather. We made a walk along the Sea and could even sit outside.

After our walk, I helped with preparing the buffet for New Year's Eve. I was in charge to make the Foie Gras sandwiches, while Claudie with the help of her SIL opened the oisters.


We ate and danced til midnight, and then everybody with a glass Champagne, wished for a happy New Year !

We had a lot of fun, but the next day we found paper streamers and little paper balls everywhere in the house ! Even in our beds and in our shoes (work of the children !).


While Claudie went to the doctor with her daughter, I walked through the little town and admired the beautiful Christmas decoration. The Christmas trees, on the left below, were made by the school children's different classes. The one in front was made by Claudie's class.

The whole town was decorated and little Father Christmas were hanging at the windows.


On my last day I took some pictures of their property, the vegetation is so different to ours in the North.

Claudie's husband Pierre loves to cook and decorate and prepared our last brunch together.


Then we went for a walk along the sea again, and sat there for a long while in the sunshine ! It was a wonderful weather 20° ! After a coffee we went home, and so ended my year's end holidays.

When you read this I am probably sitting in the plane, I'll arrive late afternoon home and into the winter again !


A Lady's Life said...

Ahh Well at least you had a good time and enjoyed some good weather.
We had sunshine here but it was chilly and the grass was all frosty white.

Linens and Royals said...

Love all the photos, you are lucky to have a friend like Claudie in such a beautiful part of the world.
Have to laugh though, you are sitting outside in the sun with coats on. That would never happen here.

diane b said...

It sounds like you had loads of fun and food and good weather. You packed a lot of holidays into 2012. I wonder where you will be off to in 2013.

Maribeth said...

Ah, it looks like so much fun! It is still very cold here in New Hampshire!

claudie said...

I just read you and you are now fast in the plane!!!
We had really good time all together!

Heather said...

Oh the pictures are breathtaking!!! My inner self is a traveler. :) South France looks so cozy and intriguing! I used to watch the Travel Channel a lot and dream of going to so many places!

Your week looks wonderful! My Mom loves trying food from different countries, she would like those food pictures! Have a great weekend!

Mara said...

Welcome back to winter! I am glad you had such a lovely (and warm) time in the South of France though...

jabblog said...

What a lovely end to the year and a wonderful beginning to 2013. Hope the grey is not too damp;-)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

What a fantastic Holiday! Wow.

Susan said...

You have some great friends! What a wonderful way to spend the last of 2012 and beginning of 2013.

How funny to find streamers in your beds and shoes. Those children were very busy indeed.

Stay warm and have a great week.

Barbara H. said...

The weather sounds just lovely there! And the decorations are very pretty.

Susanne said...

Looks like you had a wonderful celebration. I remember as a child, our new year's always involved someone putting records on and lots of dancing in the living rooms.

Happy New Year to you!

Cezar and Léia said...

Oh, give me a piece of that blue sky!
God bless you!

Willow said...

The terrain and sky looks much like my area in Southern California--the mediterranean climate :)
You obviously had a wonderful holiday.

eastcoastlife said...

You spent your new year in France! How awesome! The weather looks lovely in France, sunny like Singapore. :)

Jo said...

What a wonderful way to see in the New Year and spend a few days with friends. The food all looks SO fresh and appetizing. I hope that Mr G and the cats were glad to see you back! Hugs Jo