31 Dec 2012


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Finally I had finished with household and my photos and had time again to vistit my friends.

Ilona gave me this cute red bonnet, which comes on purpose as I will spent the New Year with my friend Claudie, an ex blogger, in the South of  France at the Côte d'Azur. It's sometimes windy there and I always need to cover my head against cold or heat. We chatted about Christmas and with her little Christmas tree, lots of candles and in front of her stove, we had a nice cosy afternoon.

On my way back home I took these pictures of Waterloo's Christmas decoration from out of my car, while driving, there was such a traffic that I had to drive very slowly.

I also brought an USB stick to Nicole with the video sketches I had made in Egypt.

Charly was very happy about my visit as I had brought a little Panetone to eat with our coffee. She had a lot of fun with the video, where in a sketch she plays a mother whose son was shot ! I didn't know that she was such a great actor !

On Sunday morning when I woke up, I could hear the rain falling in buckets and it didn't stop the whole morning.

So I prepared my backback for tomorrow morning when I take the plane to Marseille in the South of France, to spend New Year's Eve with my friend Claudie (who doesn't blog anymore) in the sunshine at the Côte d'Azur !

It was quiet a challenge to pack, because I was not allowed to exceed certain mesurements, 50cm x 20 x 40cm (19x8x16 inches) which is not very much for winter clothes and your handbag included. Finally I managed it without sitting on the bagpack, but I have to wear 1 T-shirt, 1 pullover and two cardigans under my coat ! I will look like an elephant. But as soon as I am on the plane, I take the cardigans off and put them in my backpack ! It's only for the check in. Otherwise I would have to pay 50 € ! Ryan Air is cheap but has a lot of extra fees !

The rest of the day I spent on the computer and on the TV,  due to this awful weather there was not much to do. From time to time I checked how far they were with dismantling the Christmas tree in Brussels (see post below).

at 9 am


and at 6 pm, the place was empty !

When you read this I will probably sitting in the plane on my way to Marseille !


A Lady's Life said...

Have a great trip and Happy New Year!!

Mara said...

Have a great stay in the South of France. Happy New Year to you!

Fun60 said...

Sounds like Christmas was fun. Enjoy the New Year in Marseille and hopefully experience some blue skies. Best wishes for 2013.

Loree said...

Enjoy Marseille and happy new year. Thank goodness that awful tree is gone.

Lifecruiser Travel said...

Wow! I wish we could have joined you - it's raining over here!!!!

Happy New Year to you all (give Claudie et Pierre and the rest of the family hugs and kisses from us!) - may 2013 be filled with joy, interesting trips and: lots of champagne of course :-P