7 Jan 2013


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My too short visit in the South of France was finished and with a heavy heard I returned from the blue sky and sunshine

to the grey cold and rainy weather in Belgium.

My mood had the same color as the weather outside and I had just the energy to do nothing !

But I managed to take off part of the Christmas decoration which was on tables and furniture, because just the view of all this stuff suddenly got on my nerves !

I also had enough of my Christmas headers and I made new once and took them off. This and all the emails to be answered took quiet a lot of time and I spent part of the day with "creating" !

In the afternoon I went over to Dominique as she lives just in the house besides ours and we exchanged our New Year's eves stories, and I showed her the photos I had taken during my holidays.

Mr. G. had catched a cold and caughed like an old dog the whole day, which he mostly spent in bed because he didn't feel well at all. And on purpose, he had taken caugh syrop but instead of taking one spoon, he had measured the quantity only by drinking a sip from the bottle, and when I saw the bottle I noticed that the "spoon" must have been a soup laddle, he had swallowed far too much ! Of course he slept the whole afternoon ! Men are sometimes worse then babies !

On Sunday it wasn't better, still a cold grey funeral weather. With the consequently bad mood I attacked the Christmas tree !

Arthur who had never shown any interest in the creche had suddenly to check the tree and the crèche !
Mr. G. swore with his whole heart while taking off the light garlands, they were all mingled together.
Finally everything was ready to be packed into the corresponding boxes.

Arthur had to try out if the box was strong enough for all the Father Christmas', angles and the rest and finally it was all done !

Mr. G. carried groaning all the stuff down to the basement and put it away for next year !

Relieved we fell on the sofas and took a rest !

The rest lasted the whole afternoon, only I continued with my last header and my emails.

So ended this year's Christmas time and the whole living room looks normal again !


Fun60 said...

I really feel for you having to leave those fantastic blue skies behind and return to the grey dismal skies which we are all experiencing in our part of the world.

Jo said...

Oh I'm so sorry you had to leave the sunny skies and return to the bleary weather. We had a third rainy day last week and on Friday when it was really dark, gloomy and dripping outside, my friend and I sat and drank tea and complained about the depressing weather! Fortunately the sun is out again today and the moods feel lighter all round! I just love Arthur: he could be Shadow's brother the way he is into everything! Sorry to hear Mr G is ill. I hope he got back into bed after helping pack away the decorations. Yes, I always take mine down on 6 January; I had Chef Paul at 6'4" tall, to help me with the Christmas trees, meters of tinsel garlands and tangled Christmas lights! Hope you having a great day. (((Hugs))) Jo

EastCoastLife said...

Our rainy December just ended and we are having clear sunny skies. It's probably going to get hotter.

I felt tired just reading about you packing up your Christmas decor. LOL

Glad your living room and your life is back to normal. :P

Cezar and Léia said...

oh the sunshine and the blue sky! I'm also so tired of this grey cold wet weather in Belgium! :)
Hey, very nice that Arthur was helping you with the boxes and decoration.

Maribeth said...

Today I am taking down the trees and putting everything away. It's so sad! I wonder what will happen during the next year, until I put them up again.

Mara said...

Cats and boxes. It's weird!

Loree said...

I think everyone was taking down Christmas decorations this weekend. Hope Mr G is feeling better and that he is now taking the correct amount of syrup. LOL my dad does the same thing.

Linens and Royals said...

Poor Arthur, you should have let him keep the box. It looked a perfect fit and just what he needed.
I always take my decorations down on New Year's Eve. Hate to start the new year with Xmas hanging around.
We are on catastrophic bushfire alert today with 43c temp. and hot winds. Wish I was in cold wet Europe. I will spend the day keeping my 2 cats comfortable.

Lynette said...

South of France, my dream vacation. Too bad you couldn't stay longer.

A Lady's Life said...

Agh! Colds are the worst this year.
Holidays come to an end all to fast and I also don't like putting stuff away. Every time I think of putting things out I think geez look at ALL I will have to put away so I curb my enthusiasm lol

Lifecruiser Travel said...

Yikes to the weather!

I hope you didn't pack in Arthur too.... *giggles*