11 Jan 2013


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1. Nothing very exciting happened during the week, I only put my nose outside once to do some shopping to avoid starving. The sales had started but I really had no motivation to go bargain hunting in this humid and cold weather ! My friends this week were busy with family visits or repairs in their homes, as the whole normal life had broken down for two weeks ! No workers available ! Mr. G. apparently has decided to retire into a winter sleep and his favorite place is his bed, much to the joy of our cats, who keep him company !

2. After having taken out the last traces of Christmas decoration, I dusted my cats (not the real once) and put them back in place where they had been replaced by several Father Christmases and angels.

My cleaning lady had brought me for Christmas this cute silvery cat from Poland

Then I continued my daily routine, which means sitting in front of the TV or computer, with the light switched on as outside it's a funeral weather and I sulk ! Nothing is going on for the moment not even inside, like nice expositions or other inside activities. What a dull month !


a glimpse of my slippers and the sleepy cats !

It's said that with the time as a result of living together your animals look more and more like you or behave like you. As cats never do what they are supposed to do, it's me who looks and behaves like a cat, I hang around and just do nothing except my computer work which fortunately takes me quiet some time, as now I have the opportunity to sort out my pictures, and clean the computer and all kind of things I usually don't have the time for.


On Christmas I have got a digital picture frame, which is just wonderful. It allows me to see my favorite pictures as a slide show, or I can fix just one picture and if I want I can change it every day ! I picked out all my favorite photos, put them in a folder and on a USB stick and now I can see each day another picture and not always the same in a frame. I don't like to put family picture frames all over the house or hang them on the wall ! It also allows me to see blue skies and palm trees and all the nice places I have been. So for now, I don't have to look out of the window I watch my frame to cheer me up !

5. Our painting class had started, and it was a lot of fun to meet again. One "girl" had brought two special cakes to celebrate epiphany.

The cake looked like on this picture

In the cakes an almond was hidden and the one who got the piece of cake with the almond got the crown on her head. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures, because we laughed too much ! She almost lost a tooth when she bit on the almond.


Linens and Royals said...

1-I don't like January, too hot to go to sales. School holidays for 6 weeks and rowdy children everywhere.
2-Too hot to dust. I love your new silver cat.
3-No slippers for me, I walked barefoot on the grass, got stung by something and have a bad ankle itch.
4-I have a digital frame, son D. loaded it with lots of old photos.
5-I went back to exercise class, could only use one arm and no one bought cake, with or without almond.
I don't like January.

Mara said...

I love having family photos on my walls. Or photos of myself for that matter.

The weather has finally shifted here from murky grey to bright and sunny. I hope it will last through the weekend, so I can go out and do some walking in the area. There is a nature bit quite close to where I live.

Kathie said...

Sorry that the weather is bad - we have cold but with sunshine so that helps a lot.

I think I would like a digital frame too - I still have lots of pictures on the walls but both would be nice. I'm greedy :)

Hope you find some fun and creative things to do this weekend!

Lynette said...

The cake looks yummy! January is a dull month, isn't it? Cold & icy here. Some days down what dreary. Thank heaven for blogs to read.

Reader Wil said...

When I got home last week Friday it was grey and dismal weather but still I was glad to be at home again. Have a nice cosy weekend Gattina!

Friko said...

I know how miserable one gets when the days are grey and damp and never end. The best thing is to do like the cats and curl up.

We had a bit of sunshine today and now we are supposed to get some cold days. I hope it’s true. For me and you.

Heather said...

It's been rainy and humid here today! It's not cold, it's warm.

It sounds like a relaxing week for you! The cake looks yummy and the game sounds fun!

Faith said...

I'm not a January fan either, Gattina...or February and early March either...here in the eastern part of New York State we usually have VERY cold temps about now. However, we are having a mild spell until the middle of next week when it's supposed to get very cold again. Today it rained instead of snowed!! crazy.....
your cats are cute...my oldest would love them.
enjoy the weekend and have fun with your digital frame!

Barbara H. said...

It's been dreary weather here, too. I try to keep busy inside to keep my mind off of it.

I love those digital frames.

The cake looks good. I'd hate to be the one to bite on the almond -- I probably would break a tooth! Fun idea, though.

Lifecruiser Travel said...

I think it would be great to have to dust the cat instead of like me, have to pretend the dust balls flying around are pets playing around - Ha ha ha...

I so agree with this being such a dull month, I just said the same to hubby! And the worst thing is that I'm so tired all the time because of the darkness, so my body just want to go into hibernation. Eat a lot and sleep, sleep, sleep :-))))

The digital frame really is a great photo frame, one can never get tired since it's not the same photo all the time. And since yours is of Toby I can bet there are a lot of fun watching them. Kids are such great photo models!

Susanne said...

We had a huge hit of winter this week so it's been a bit grey around here too. And cold. But they're saying the warm chinook winds are coming next week so it should warm things up considerably.

I love those digital frames. I'll have to check into mine to see if it will only change one picture a day. I'd like that better than a constant slide show.

The cats are looking a bit sleepy in that picture. LOL. But that is snoozing is what cats are good at. Mine is sleeping as I type.

A Lady's Life said...

It' quite chilly here in BC as well but sunny.
My small dog refuses to go out and this is not working too well with me as I have to keep her tied now till she goes. I caught a draft in my back and this is keeping me seated and in a dismal mood.I try robaxacet, aspirin and A535 and it all makes me sleepy.
Hope it goes away soon so I can do a few things. It's hard washing floors and cooking crooked. lol
Still have laundry I've been ignoring.

A Lady's Life said...

Kitty from Poland is beautiful

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

The almond cake looks great and sounds like fun! And I love your new silvery cat. (and the chair your sleepy cat is in) Hope your "funeral weather" improves soon! Have a great week!

Willow said...

Although I'm not much of a collector, I do have a few little cats and so I'm loving your little silvery Polish kitty.
Those digital photo frames are great--I'd love one for the same reasons.

susan said...

Sorry this has been a dull month, Gattina. So glad you have your painting class and computer work to cheer you up.

I hope this week is a cheerier one for you.

susan said...

Sorry this has been a dull month, Gattina. So glad you have your painting class and computer work to cheer you up.

I hope this week is a cheerier one for you.