5 Nov 2012


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What a "wonderful" weekend ! It's a miracle that I still have feet instead of flippers ! I got a text from the store where I had my camera repaired and it was finally ready after one month !

After my Saturday morning chat with Toby,

I drove through a rather wet Waterloo, and it was nearly dark at only 3.30 pm ! I took some pictures out of the car without any accident, taking photos is allowed but mobile calls not, when you are cought, you get a fine of 100 € !

In the store was a rather strange client ...

There were so many people waiting in a loooong line to pick up repaired things, so I took the opportunity to sit on these massage chairs and had a nice massage for half an hour. I had never tried it in this store and I have to say it was really very good. It's a pity that these chairs are so expensive.

Finally it was my turn to pick up my camera and now I hope it works again, I haven't tried it yet.
As the store is very close from Nicole's home, I payed her a little visit again, very appreciated by dog Charly, as he knows when I come, there are cookies !

On Sunday it wasn't better, still rain,  I wonder where all this water is coming from.
Mr. G. was again virtually in Dubai to watch his Formular 1and I thought I needed a new case for my repaired camera.

Sundays all stores and shops are closed,  except the Indian one. I went there on a little tour and bought my case. I didn't find anything else and went home again.

It looks very pretty and at least nobody will guess that there is a camera inside.

A little later Christiane a friend picked me up to go to an Exposition in Waterloo where 4 female artists showed illustrations for children books. The exposition was called "Image in texts" and one artist I kew from Art School.

Marie de Salle she is a quiet well known artist and also works for sick children in a hospital.

Her books and illustrations are adorable, we chatted together about old times when we were in Art school and it was a real nice exposition. I will write more about it later.

Christiane drove me home again, meanwhile Mr. G. had finished with his stay in Dubai so we had some coffee together and complained about the rain and cold  ! Fortunately inside it was cosy and warm.

My repaired camera seems to work well, because the last pictures I haven taken with it.


A Lady's Life said...

I hope one day soon I can also join an art group and paint pictures like you do I think its a lot more fun when you are with people.
Toby has become the light in your eyes. Enjoy him. He is a blessing.:)

Kat said...

Hi Gattina, your grandson appears to have grown so fast! It's nice to have a grandchild to play with isn't it?

Jo said...

OMW that is a dark afternoon at only 3.30pm! Love the fact that you have a standing / sitting (!) appointment with Toby every Saturday. Who was the strange client in the shop? It looks like a cat. I'm glad that you got your camera and I love the bag for it. If/when I visit you, please take me to that Indian shop: it looks like this is the place for retail therapy. Oh, and Grant was also in Dubai the same time as Mr G. I dragged him out to our friends, Amanda and Andre at 5pm so that I could download books on my Kindle with her WiFi connection. But as soon as we returned home, he dived for the sofa and watched the last of the races! Hope your day is warm and bright! Hugs Jo

Maribeth said...

I keep trying to convince Hubby to plan a trip int he spring for our anniversary. He says not yet. Well gee, when? Our silver anniversary is in April! We must plan!

Lynette said...

Glad you made through the dark and rain to pick up your camera. Cute store. Have a great week.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Hooray for the new camera and case and for meeting your friends. And for Mr G's quick "trip" to Dubai (that kept him busy!)....boo on the rain.

Loree said...

I think you're getting all the rain that is missing us :( It's still so very warm here and I want to wear my new boots!