9 Nov 2012


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1. Another week went by so quickly !  On Monday my friend Chantal had invited me for a coffee and chat of course, it was quiet a long time I hadn't been at her home. I tried to say hello to her husband who since 3 years lays in bed and is like a vegetable, he starres in the air, or at the TV without seeing anything. His brain is so damaged after a terrible car accident that he is a "dead alive". Chantal has a helper to clean him and change him twice a day, but still she has to feed him breakfast, lunch and supper, as he can't find his mouth anymore. But he looks so healthy and normal, that it is hard to believe that he is only a body.

She is such a couragous and cheerful girl, and since her two sons moved out to their own flats, she lives alone with her two dogs and her cat Caline who loves to drink the rainwater from the table. and of course the shell of the man who once was her husband,

2. With this dull and grey weather to cheer me up I went to "my" big garden store to take some pictures

and to comfort myself I bought this cute little cat for our garden.

3. As soon as it had stopped raining I put the cat on the window board of the guest room window, where it can watch over people who come for a visit or try to convince us to become Jehova witnesses.

4. The garden store is close to where Ilona lives, so I  stopped at her house and with a hot cup of tea with honey we exchanged our mutual worries about all kind of things. After that we felt much better. That's always a good comfort visiting friends when the weather is so grey and dull and cold !

5. Our teacher took this picture of Chantal and me, while we were "working" hard in our painting class.

I have started a new painting, and hope it will be finished for our yearly exposition now end November.

After painting class,  I had lunch with Nicole in "our" Asian restaurant and stayed there for two hours, the owner knows us meanwhile, we are rather good clients. The atmosphere is so family friendly and all people chat together so that it is a pleasure to eat there and I can take a plate home for Mr. G. for supper as he doesn't like to have a warm lunch and going out !


Jo said...

What a sad case for Chantal. I applaud her for not "packing away" her husband in a home. I believe that these people "know" they are still loved and cared for a caring spouse. Her cat reminds me of Ginger who loves fresh rainwater too. I love your little grey cat on the windowsill. I also LOVE "your" Asian restaurant. Like the Asian shop, it sounds warm and cosy. Have a wonderful (and warm!) weekend. Hugs Jo

aspiritofsimplicity said...

We have had some "weather" around here as well but are expecting it to be beautiful this weekend.

Faith said...

OH that is very sad about your friend's husband :( She sounds like a special lady to do all that she does! Well, I live about 2 hours north of where some major weather occurred (Hurricane Sandy hit New York City very hard) but this weekend we are supposed to see sunny skies and temps of 60 degrees (F). YEAH! I am NOT ready for the white stuff yet!! Your little garden kitty is cute! Enjoy your weekend!

Barbara H. said...

That's so sad about your friend's husband, but I so admire her for taking care of him and standing by him. I'm glad you got to visit her for a bit.

It's great to cheer ourselves and each other up by visiting when the weather is dull and gloomy. Love the idea of "your" restaurant.

Your new little kittie is cute.

Susanne said...

My heart goes out to your friend and her husband. What a courageous lady full of character to take care of her hubby in his time of need. That is very self-less. I'm glad she is able to get out and have some fun and relieve some stress at the painting class and has friends like yourself who go and visit at her home!

aspiritofsimplicity said...

How wonderful that you do a painting class. I have always wanted to do something like that. I love your little garden Kittie. That is just about he type of pet I like.

Annette Whipple said...

I think your friend is a great example of what marriage should be, even at its worst.

Hugs to you this week!

Willow said...

I love how your FFFs always include tea or coffee with friends--that's what keeps us healthy and active--our friends (and coffee and tea).
Chantal is a wonderful and kind woman! Blessings to her!

Susan said...

Love the new cat "family member" especially since s/he doesn't require any care. ;)

Good idea to go to the garden shop during a grey day. I do that too.

I am sure that Chantal appreciated your visit. She certainly is a strong and courageous woman.