22 Oct 2012


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Our son had announced his visit with Toby for this weekend. As I had a bad cold since a few days I crossed my fingers that I would feel better and fortunately I did ! So we had a great time at least the first day !

After the trip from Amsterdam to Waterloo, Toby was hungry he is like his Dad a very good eater ! Nonno showed him pictures from Italy and explained what it was. Toby is the perfect little helper, he likes to clean and as soon as he has a paper napkin in his hands he cleans his table and afterwards brings everything which he considers as garbadge to the bin and says "baah".

While I admired their football (soccer) skills and took pictures, the three generations were running behind the ball. Mr. G. even forgot about his arthritis !

After a while they all had enough, and Toby decided to drive his tractor !

Nonnos legs were a perfect tunnel. He also showed Toby the cap he had gotten in Italy when he was in the age to become a soldier, and it fitted perfectly on Toby's head. Now I wonder has Mr. G. a little head or Toby a big one ? Arthur the cat didn't miss one moment and even participated in the football game !

After Toby's afternoon nap we went shopping, he needed some new clothing, jeans and pullovers as he is growing so fast. We found the right things and went then in my favorite bookshop which has a huge choice of all kind of books children books included. It's a second hand shop and the books are very cheap but in a good shape.

Before we had supper we watched a little bit TV. Although he doesn't see us very often he seems to feel home and is not shy at all.

Thanks to my Yoga gymnastic class, I was able to crawl on the floor without major problems, no bone was cracking and I didn't need a helping hand to lift me up on my feet again !
I can only recommend Yoga for Grandmas !!

Then we had a little frog in our bath tube, and once again I thought how time flies by, it seems to me as if it was yesterday when another little blond boy was sitting in this bathroom. Now he is not blond anymore and sits on the closed toilet where I sat years ago, playing with his son !

Before going to bed it's the best moment of the day a big bottle with an apparently wonderful tasting content, which Toby swallows in no time ! First he sat alone, then he decided that on Nonno's lap the bottle tasted even better.

Arthur was the only one out of our 4 cats who loved Toby ! He was always running behind him, or sitting besides him, watching him play inside or outside, it was just amazing.

Unfortunately I couldn't go out with them on a walk because my cold had come back a little and I was running at only 85 % instead of 100 and also the weather was very humid the second day so I prefered to stay home and not to bring my cold to our son's friend who also has a little boy of about the same age and they went in one of the various parks here around and had a lot of fun. Mr. G. and I were resting because he had catched my cold ! I am a very generous woman !

The two days went by so fast and it had been so nice. Now that Toby is nearly 2 (in mid November) he is not a baby anymore but a little boy and it's easier to communicate with him. He also understands French very well, his Dad speaks French with him, Mum speaks Dutch. Little Toby is amongst the first real Europeans with an Italian grandpa, a German grandma, a Dutch grandma and pa, a Dutch mummy, and an Italo/German Daddy who was born and raised in Belgium ! And what do we do when we are all together ? We speak English !

When the car disappeared around the corner, Arthur expressed how we were feeling after such an agitated weekend ....

and Mr. G. had to go to bed with nose drops, aspirines and lots of tissus for the running nose !


Linens and Royals said...

What a lucky boy Toby is to grow up speaking so many languages. Toby looks so interested and earnest looking at his books.
No wonder Arthur is exhausted it seems everyone had a busy and fun weekend.
I hope Rosie, Kim and Pookie have now come out from their hiding places.

Jo said...

There's nothing like playing with a toddler to help Nonno forget the arthritis. You just reminded me to get my yoga cd out and start again this afternoon (I do rebounder every morning but have neglected my yoga for nine months now! ) I just love Arthur in all the action and his reaction once the visitors left! That little Toby is going to be SO multilingual. Wonderful memories for you when you see your son with HIS son in the same environment. Hope you and Mr G are on the mend already. BTW you are a most glamorous Nonna! Greetings. Jo

Maribeth said...

What marvelous pictures! Toby is growing so fast! He is such a handsome boy. So glad that you and Mr. G. got to have a good visit with him.

jabblog said...

I hope you and Mr G have recovered now and are feeling much better. Toby is lovely - can't believe he's nearly two!

A Lady's Life said...

You are a true Heinz 57 family. lol
Toby seems to give all of you new life and breath.
Children are a blessing.:)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Toby is a lucky boy for so many reasons. I really enjoyed this post...loved the 'grandma yoga'..it does work, even for great-grandmas like me! ... and so cute that the arthritis is forgotten when playing with the grandson! (When being grandfather they will do things they'd never otherwise.) Hope you both get over your colds very soon (so generous of you to share!)

Loree said...

Do you really speak in English? That is interesting. Poor Arthur. He looks tired out. You look like you all had a wonderful weekend.

Kay L. Davies said...

Toby seems to have exhausted Arthur, as well as you and Mr. G. It's hard to believe he'll be 2 next month. It just seems like yesterday he was born.
He certainly seems like an all-round citizen of Europe, and a very happy boy. I can see he is growing up and yet in many ways he looks the same as he did a year ago.

diane b said...

A great post I'm glad I found it. You all look so happy except for the oncoming colds. Toby is very tall. He looks taller than Fox already. The clean thing is interesting. I've never seen Fox clean his table but he does put stuff in the bin.It must be fun to watch Toby do things that your son did. Toddlers can easily take your mind off your aches and pains. You sure are a Euro family and how neat is it for Toby to grow up learning different languages. Fox is having enough trouble with English. He speaks in sentences now but some of it is very hard to understand except for mummy, she translates.