26 Oct 2012


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1. It still was unusually warm during the week always over 20°C (68 F) some of my friends even had a barbecue during the weekend !

As it was time to trim the bushes and hedges in the garden, for the last time this year, the weather was perfect to do this.

Our young gardener took care of this and had a lot of work ! Everything had grown as if we were in a tropical jungle !

2. The flower bouquet my son brought me last Saturday is in full bloom and looks beautiful now, that all

blossoms are open.

Mr. G. still has quiet a strong cold and also got an eye infection, I too wasn't feeling to well and my nose started running. It's no wonder with these roller coaster temperatures. One day you need a fur coat and the next a bathing suit ! I had to drive him to the ophtamologist who prescribed him an antibiotic creme. Poor man now sees me double (or triple version) with one eye and a half, I suspect that with one version he has already enough.

3.. I didn't go to my Yoga classes I felt a little weak for that, and Dominique was also kind of lazy instead we sat in her garden and had a cup of coffee, before she started with mowing the lawn for the last time and I returned to my emails.

4. Fortunately I had bought enough deepfreezed plates which I just had to warm up in the microwave, because with the two of us being "out of work" it was the easiest way not to starve. We had tagliatelle with salmon, leek and zucchinis, Spaghettis with pesto and mussels, and Potatoes Savoyarde  which is a classical French dish - a gratin - ham cubes, and 3 sorts of cheese. So today I had to go shopping and fill in the deepfreeze again. The average price of these dishes is around 8 € for the two of us, for that price I couldn't cook all this myself !


Our son sent us some pictures which he had taken last weekend when he visited us with Toby.

and in my painting class I finished my last painting. Our exposition is end November. We all have to present at least 3 paintings which we have done this year.


Mara said...

So, how did Toby do with the cats? And how did the cats do with Toby?

Mara said...

So, how did Toby do with the cats? And how did the cats do with Toby?

Susan said...

The pictures of Toby made me smile. I think I am feeling sentimental because i will be a first time grandma in February. :)

Good luck on your art exhibition!

Jo said...

Sorry to hear you still both have colds and Mr G has an eye infection. I have one in right eye for first time in my life and it has to happen in rural Africa! I'm just using drops brought in from our SA pharmacy. I love the photos of Toby (and you and Nonno as the tunnel) and of course, Arthur. He is a really good childminder, hey? Have a great weekend. (((hugs))) Jo

diane b said...

Sorry to hear that you are feeling down and Mr G is not good. Changeable weather doesn't help. The pics of Toby are cute. I love the one of him cuddling the toy. I must have missed your son's visit. I've been a bit behind in blogland.

soulbrush said...

What a mixture of events for you this week. We have also had mild days- about 16, but now it is freezing at about 8 today. Wrap up in that fur coat and keep warm and feel well soon.

Barbara H. said...

Sorry you're both not feeling well! Hope you're better soon.

The flowers are gorgeous and the pictures of Toby are adorable.

My son cut the grass this week and is hoping that's the last time it will need it before next spring.

Gledwood said...

those are beautiful photos Gattina and how come your house is so stylish? you should take up work as an interior designer: did you know the standard fee is a quarter million (pounds) per job..??

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Those sound like delicious frozen meals...and a good price. I hope both of you are feeling better by now.

A Lady's Life said...

Lovely photos of Toby and your picture came out wonderful as well.

The meals sound good too. Sometimes its easier to buy ready made than sit with pots and pans and dishes galor.

Hope Mr G feels better soon.
Our weather is dull and depressing. All you want to do is sleep.My parents had a huge garden and they did a lot to prepare for winter. They never worried if there was a huge snow storm or something.They enjoyed gardening and then enjoyed the fruit of their labor in winter.I wish I could do that.

EastCoastLife said...

Hope Mr G and you are feeling better by now.

Enjoy looking at the pictures of Toby. He is cute.

The deepfreeze meals sound good and they are not too expensive.

Gledwood said...

GATTINA ~ BECOME AN INTERIOR DESIGNER. You can work for me. I've got terrible taste but my Dad told me the key to successful management is "delegate everything" so I'll delegate everything to you and keep the £250,000 fee and you can get £25,000 ~ how does that sound?!

Pamela said...

It does almost seem less expensive to buy ready made.

I hope you are enjoying grandparenting!

Susanne said...

Love the pictures of Toby. Looks like he was having lots of fun while visiting. And sorry you and Mr. G. are not feeling well.

claudie said...

beautiful pics with Tobby!
I hope you get better now with your cold and the eye of Mr Gattino! Your young gardener did a great job like always either! Your garden is very nice!!

Willow said...

Those photos of Toby are adorable! What a sweet grandson you have!