6 Oct 2011


Jenny Matlock
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To find a word with Y and knit a story around is not an easy task ! Finally I found "Yesterday". Because yesterday seems to be so far away according to the Beatles. This is true because sometimes I don't remember what I have done yesterday, but I remember what I did 20 or 30 years ago on a yesterday when it precedes a special date. But then I would rather say the day before...

Yesterday has several explanations according to Mr. Google who always helps me out !

I learned that the day before today is the child of yesterday and the parent of tomorrow ! Think it over I am slightly confused in these today's relatives relationships.

It's also a warning : the clock is running. Make the most of today. Time waits for no man. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it is called the present." I would add tomorrow which would then be the future.

And then to end my Yesterday effusions I just want to ask you "Are you born yesterday ?"

Because that is a way of saying someone is naive - if you were born yesterday, you are a baby with no experience. Usually people say 'NOT born yesterday' to indicate they cannot be fooled.

When people say, "I wasn't born yesterday," they're indicating that they do not believe a story/excuse made by someone else. They are saying that they can see past a given story and see what is really going on.

Now you know all about yesterday !


  1. lol yesterday is simple to answer .
    What is yesterday for you is today for me at the other end of the world lol
    So one can say if we speak at the same time, from other ends of the world, time is now, today.
    Not yesterday and not tomorrow.
    but today which is yesterday for you and tomorrow for me.
    Mathematically it can become confusing cause the closer you come to a definition, it disappears and yet it is still there.

  2. Today is yesterday's tomorrow.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. You are so right about making the most of today, before it disappears and becomes another yesterday! The older I have become, the more I realise this to be important!

  4. I really liked this one. Made me stop & think about why we talk of yesterday as not as good as today. Sometimes it can feel better!

  5. I want to go back to yesterday so I can find all the things I put in a safe place so I could find them easily today but now I've forgotten what I did yesterday. I think I was born yesterday but I will still be happy to wake up tomorrow for another exciting day.
    When my today is over you will be just starting yours.

  6. Now I'm singing that Beatles song! (And I love the comics. Thanks for the laugh!)

  7. I love to look back at yesterdays, but it is the tomorrows that are really filled with joy and wonder.

  8. Great ‘Y’ post! We should all make the most of today!

    Happy Alphabe-Thursday!



  9. Good Gattina! Great post -- it reminds me of a sign about tomorrow that I wish I'd taken a picture of. It was outside of a tavern and it said "Free Beer Tomorrow."

    Seriously, I sure believe in making the most of TODAY before it disappears. (Even more important at my age ;>)

  10. Interesting information about yesterday.

  11. What a good Y word! My yesterdays are all going too quickly!

    And thanks for your comment, jah?

  12. Yesterday really seems to be quite complex! I guess I'll just enjoy today before it becomes yesterday too. :-)

  13. I know exactly what you mean about remembering what you did years ago more clearly than what you did yesterday.

  14. Hello.
    Really enjoyed your post.
    The cartoons were funny too. My favorite was #2.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Yesterday With You

  15. I definitely wasn't born yesterday either, though I'm rapidly getting to the place where I wish it wasn't quite so many yesterdays ago!

  16. What a lovely post, Gattina. I also LOVE the cartoons, especially the caveman history lesson! Have a great day TODAY before it becomes tomorrow's yesterday. Er, now I'm confused. LOL! Hugs Jo

  17. What a fabulous post!

    I love the quotes and cartoons you shared here.

    I think sometimes yesterday is an illusion...the only thing that is real is the now!

    Thanks for a very thought provoking link. I'm going to be pondering this while I water my pumpkins!


  18. Yesterday....is there a simple explanation? Today is Auckland, New Zealand's yesterday. Unless you live there then today's tomorrow is really today in Auckland. It does get confusing after a bit doesn't it. :) I posted about yesterday, too. Thanks for stoppin' by Aprons and Old Lace


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