7 Oct 2011


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1. On Monday after aqua gym I did some shopping had lunch and watched a little crime story and as it happens sometimes after acqua gym I saw the beginning of the film and then suddenly the murder solved and the film finished. If you have difficulties to sleep in your bed, nothing is better than sleeping in front of your TV screen.

2. I worked on the creation of 3 headers, which you can admire on my different blogs. It was time to change my headers from summer to autumn before the Christmas decoration. I very much like to do that and it took me the whole afternoon.

3. One of my friends I know from Painting classes had been diagnosed with breast cancer and has her operation in 2 weeks. Fortunately it's at the very beginning, but of course she was quiet down

so we went to "La Pomme" (The Apple) which is a pub like restaurant where we had an excellent Beef Fajita

4. I discovered a new shop in Waterloo, a destocking store, where you can buy almost everything new from decoration stuff til houshold utensils and tools. It was very interesting and I wandered around found a belt for my suitcase for 2 € only which normally costs at least 15 a nail brush and other little things. You can spend hours in there, they also have very nice furniture and lamps. Unfortunately there was so much to see that I forgot to take a picture.

5. Yesterday, we had a very windy day with rain and umbrellas were completely useless they just turned over with the wind. I drove my neighbor to the hospital for the monthly shot in her eye and we were almost blown away. I was surprised that so many people have eye problems, the waiting area was packed and we just got the last two chairs.

After a cup of coffee together we returned home.


  1. the warm red brick, makes a nice cosy place to go to in Winter.

  2. What a lovely week you had full of God's blessings! I like your new header and that meal looks scrumptious! happy weekend!!

  3. You've been a very sweet friend this week - spending time with one and driving another for appointments.

    We've had some blustery weather this week too but it's finally quieted down so we can enjoy our Thanksgiving weekend! It's supposed to go up to 20 and yesterday we had a little wet snow!

    Happy weekend!

  4. I need to learn how to change the look of my blog. Love how you change with the seasons.

    Sounds like you've been a great support for your friends this week.

  5. We get a lot of those inside out umbrella days around here. Sorry to hear about your friends diagnosis. I hope all goes well for her. A pub that serves fajitas...that's great.

  6. Your new header is beautiful.

    How nice for you and your friend to spend time together.

    That shop looks like lots of fun!

  7. Weather issues have become of prime concern for many these days.You are busy doing nice things for people and yourself.
    As we age our eyes harden and so problems begin.
    My tv always works because it is needed for back ground noise. Otherwise the dogs bark at every tiny noise on the street and it can be very annoying. lol

  8. You had a very full week!!!

  9. I am so sorry for your friend with breast cancer. I'm glad they caught it early.

    That shop sounds like fun.

    I can't imagine getting a shot in the eye -- ouch.

  10. That beef fajita looks scrumptious! You're great to drive your friend to her weekly appointment. Love your new header!

  11. Looked like a cozy place really! Love those kind of places.

    I'm sorry to hear about your friends breast cancer. IF they only could come up with a cure for all cancer types... *sigh*

  12. The restaurant looks real cosy. Sorry to hear about your friend's cancer. In Khartoum, Sudan we had to drive past the Eye Clinic to get to our supermarket. You almost couldn't get through the street with people standing across it in the queue! Have a great weekend. Jo

  13. I know it's not on this post, but I enjoyed your snail story. I have not eaten them but after your husband's explanation, I think I will stay away from them!

    You are so creative with your headers. My sister made mine and unless she gets a fit of creative energy, it will stay that way.

    That is quite a windy day where the umbrella goes inside out. So glad you and your friend did not get blown away.

    Said a prayer for your painting friend.


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