31 Oct 2011


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Saturday afternoon Ilona invited me to see the two white cats people had left in a carrier in the woods where she had a walk because the weather was so nice. A man with a dog had found the cats and had told her. She took the carrier with the cats home and tried to find somebody who would adopt them, because she has already a cat and no space for two others. I will tell the whole story Tuesday on my cat blog. Anyway when I arrived I saw her neighbor's house decorated for Halloween !

It also was the only one in the street

Then we walked over to the lady who had adopted the two poor things and by coincidence lives in the same street.

When I arrived there I found a real cat paradise ! The two cats felt already home. The left one has blue and the right one yellow eyes. Apparently they are around 7 months old were well fed and had recently been spayed. Now the Lady's vet will try to find out who spayed the cats and who abandonned them in the woods ! It's a shame ! Fortunately they found such a good home.

In the evening I made a big pot of Chili con Carne, which I wanted to put into portions and deepfreeze, so that Mr. G. has his favorite plate also when I am on holidays in Egypt.

During the night I woke up because there was a big bang in the kitchen. I jumped out of my bed and went into the kitchen and just saw cat Arthur trying to eat the Chili, he had removed the cover of the pot which was quiet heavy. I called him a naughty boy, put the pot in another place and returned to my bed. Not even 5 min later I heard a big bang again, returned to the kitchen where I found Sir Arthur again busy with the Chili and the cover laying on the floor ! Now I was really upset.

The only place in our house where the door is always closed is the toilet. Otherwise all doors are always open, because as cat lovers know, cats hate closed doors and scratch until you open them. I put the pot on the toilet, closed the door went to bed and forgot about it.

Sometimes in the morning I heard Mr. G. calling me and asking me why the Chili was on the toilet. You should have seen his face ! I explained and then put the Chili into portions and then in the deepfreeze. The Chili was saved !

Arthur is always ready to steal food ! Doesn't he look like the two orphans ?

Sunday morning it was quiet sunny so I went for a little walk to the very big flea market which takes place each Sunday on the Carrefour parking.

There were so many people so that I thought whole Waterloo would be there. I saw lots of funny and real rotten old things to buy and these ladies with a rather strange purchase.

The afternoon was dedicated to some laundry.


A Lady's Life said...

Your cats are healthy and normal lol
The chili must have smelled good.
I have a dog who is like that. He reminds me of a wolf because of his behavior. Very sneaky quiet and into everything once your back is turned.
Too bad the person who neutered her cats had to leave them for someone to find.
Some people rather they go straight into the home of the person who finds them rather than the SPCA.
Once you give them there the cats are at risk of being put down. They don't tell you everything they do there.If one animal comes in with an infectious disease they put all the animals down and then disinfect it all before new animals are brought in,
It makes no sense.

sandra carlier said...

What a nice adventure for the two orphans! We couldn't imagine a better home for them after the abandon! Ilona is a such nice person! Here I didn't see any decorated house for Halloween! It's the first year! Sounds people prefer now preparing Christmas as supermarkets present already the toys!I go for the painting now! I'll post something in the evening as I took many pictures yesterday at Mélissa's birthday!

Jo said...

Omw, I cannot believe people as insensitive as that.So glad Ilona found them such a wonderful home. Real kitty heaven. Ah, Arthur and Shadow must be related. He is into EVERYTHING even though he is well-fed, and there are kibbles and water in two strategic places in the house for the cats. Glad you "saved" the Chilli albeit in an unconventional storage/hiding place. You must be all packed by now? Jo

Mara said...

I had a live Christmas tree in my toilet for about three months! It had to adjust to the cold again and since it was still too cold outside...

Why would anybody look after two cats, get them spayed and then leave them? Some people are just plain weird!

Auntie E said...

What a shame about those cats in the woods. they look like great cats.
Your story about Arthur reminds me of our old c=dog and cat. They loved to partner up to get into things. I had a great laugh.
My Monday post is up. Link in my name.

Maribeth said...

Who would be so cruel to abandon those sweet kitties! Terrible!!!
Ah, Arthur the devil, trying to steal the chili! lol!!!

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

I am so glad those kitties were found, they look so sweet, as does yours (even though he was trying to sneak some chili!).