3 Nov 2011


Jenny Matlock
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I took an airplane for the first time in 1964. For a 21 year old European girl it was very early and rather unusual. But I worked in an American company where the salesmen took the airplanes like a bus, from Brussels to Italy, Germany, France etc and of course also to the States, but this was at that time a rather long flight, especially there was no direct flight from Brussels to New York and to other big cities it was even more complicated. So I thought what they can do I can do too.

My first flight took me to Sicily. For that I had to take an airplane from Brussels to Rome and from Rome I had to take a very small airplane with just 6 seats to Catania (Italy) because the airport was not yet equipped for big airplanes. The pilote of this little thing probably was in a hurry to fly home, anyway he flew as if the devil would chase him and the only passengers in this mini airplane was a business man and I. The pilote went through the clouds up and down and we had the feeling to fly in a shaker, it was a miracle that I didn't get sick while my flight companion was rather green in his face and tried hold on his seat. As I had no flight experience at all and am not especially an anxious person, I thought it was normal !

Today, looking back, I admire myself, I would never dare to do such a flight again. But in youth one is more reckless !

Now while you are reading this I am sitting in this kind of airplane which will take me in 4 hours to Hurghada at the Red Sea in Egypt. It will be the 10th time I go to the Red Sea. For the last five years at the same place before I was in Sharm el Sheik, on the other side. To me these are not holidays but a cure for my health. I get better over the winter since I spent 2 weeks doing nothing, besides reading, swimming, and eating and forget all worries. The warm weather is good for my old bones and when I come back I almost feel like a newborn baby, except that I don't remember how I felt when I entered this world.

I will continue to post on this blog like a diary of my holidays. Observing tourists can be fun !


diane b said...

Sounds like perfect holiday. There are two kinds of holidays, the tour and the vacation. The tour is hectic and great for sight seeing but you need a rest when you get home. The vacation is getting away from it all and having a rest and doing very little. Both are good holidays and both do the soul good. Enjoy yourself. My first flights in 1963 were similar to yours. Bouncing around in a DC3 weaving in and out of mountains and storm clouds in New Guinea was considered normal then.

amanda said...

wow, sounds fabulous! enjoy your holiday and hope you come back rested and relaxed. purrs, Rio from Barcelona

Vicki/Jake said...

I've only flown three times in all my years, the second two within this past year...and love it!!!

Enjoy your time there and have fun watching people!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a wonderful trip! I hope you enjoy yourself and find new places to explore.

A Lady's Life said...

you are doing the right thing Gattina . Good weather always helps in winter. You r right about airplanes .My husband took me up once in a small cesna And
I was thinking we were going to die that day lol
Its scary.

Riet said...

Have a nice holiday Gattina. I am dreaming of going somewhere warm again.

Sue said...

I'm glad you are able to visit warmer weather and recharge your batteries. The Red Sea sounds wonderful.


Francisca said...

Well, your first airplane trip was long! Mine was short, from Amsterdam to Helsinki, but I was only 9 years old and I flew alone! My next flight was with my whole family at 12 from Luxembourg to New York. Enjoy your holiday in Egypt! Hadn't thought of that as a tourist destination since the Arab Spring revolution there... so you see, you are still a little reckless! LOL!

anitamombanita said...

Hurghada is a wonderful place to recharge your batteries. Been there while diving the Red Sea. Enjoy!!

Loree said...

Enjoy it. I know how much you like the sunshine :)

Emille said...

My parents were much too protective for me to do something like that when young (they lived in Asia till they were in their forties), but I caught up later with big airplanes. You're a brave soul, Gattina!

Pretty Life Online said...

I lovve traveling too.... Up above the world, great post for skywatch.... Happy TGIF! Hoping you can visit my skywatch post.

Cheryl D. said...

I hope you had a wonderful trip!

Judie said...

Yes, there are tours and then there are vacations. Then there is
the trip. If I have to go on a trip, I am not very happy about it, because it is to some place that is neither relaxing or fun for me. Rod and I took our first vacation in many years this summer. Prior to that, we made nothing but trips for a long time. I prefer the vacation! Yours sounds wonderful!!!

Andy said...

What a wonderful way to beat the winter doldrums. I'm so jealous. You look very relaxed & that's a great color on you!

Be safe & enjoy yourself. Can't wait to see more photos.

Thanks for sharing.


H said...

I hope you have a lovely holiday and come back full of the joys of Spring :)

(By the way, I have still never flown in an aeroplane! Though I have been up in a glider.)

Splendid Little Stars said...

The Red Sea sounds wonderful! My hubby and I like to go away for @ 10 days to somewhere warm in the Winter. It really doses restore! Have a fabulous vacation!

Jenny said...

What a fun memory of that trip! You were really brave!

I'm going to scroll ahead and see pictures from your vacay. I don't know if I've ever seen pictures of the red sea!

Thanks for the fun stop today!

I love going on these little trips with you.