12 Sept 2011


Helps you to remember what you have done on the weekend of September 3. You never know if you need an alibi ! If you participate please put the little logo on the top of your post and leave your link.

The whole week it was grey and rainy and rather cool 15° (59 F) then on Friday suddenly we went up to 25° (77) and Saturday even 33 ° (!) (91) and now on Sunday again back to only 18°C (64). Of course I catched a cold, as I probably didn't dress accordingly to this roller coaster weather. So I felt rather lousy took some medication and wanted to rest in my bed.

No way to rest ! Our neighbor has big works going on by adding a second floor to his house ! The whole day they hammered and my other neighbor had new windows put in, which fortunately made less noise ! Finally I hid myself behind the TV and watched crime stories, I thought maybe some little murders will let forget me my cold. At least I didn't hear the hammering because our living room is on the backside of the house.

In the afternoon I felt a little better and thought I'll quickly go to the "Environment festival" which took place in the park of Waterloo. It was hot and sunny and I took some pictures

when I suddenly felt that something strange followed me ! I turned around, saw nothing and then at my feet a robot ! A lawnmower !! I thought it can only happen to me to be persecuted by a lawnmower ! I found this thing very practical and observed it for a while, indeed it mowed nicely while you could sit in your chair and read or go shopping. Coming home I informed Mr. G. that in the future I want to buy one, for our little piece of grass it would be ideal. The rest of the day I was suffering from the heat it was humid and I just hanged around between Computer and TV.

On Sunday I thought I went crazy if I don't go out and I also absolutely wanted to take pictures of a folklore festival in the heart of Brussels. I thought I won't stay long and I was lucky to arrive
just in time when the giants were walking through the street.

Despite the bad weather it was very nice, but I will tell more about it in "Our World" on tuesday.

Still I managed that my wallet was stolen out of my purse with 7 compartments and zips ! Apparently I had left one zip open and that was enough. These pick pockets are real artists. Unfortunately for him this wallet I only use as case to keep my camera in it, so the poor pick pocket got nothing but an empty wallet ! My camera was in my hand, fortunately ! Good for him !


  1. Good for you it was an empty wallet he stole and you still have your camera and cell phone! The weather has been crazy this weekend, wasn't it? One of the last weekends probably we could eat outside and stay outside till late. There won't be much left now, Fall and Winter are going to be upon us very SOON!

  2. I don't trust the weather now. Even if it promises to be nice and warm and sunny I will put on my sweater and my coat. I've learned my lesson this summer. Or what we were supposed to call summer...

  3. You have a lot of very interesting Festivals in your part of the world. I almost feel sorry for the poor pickpocket who thought he had a wallet but only got an empty case. You were very lucky. Hope you cold is better now.

  4. I am always worried about being pick pocketed by a thief. I usually carry no purse anymore, just a small pouch that fits inside my bra! So far, so good!

  5. I feel for you, even though I'm one of those people with a hammer in her hand.

  6. oh what rotten luck to be pick pocketed like that.
    I hope soon I will also be able to go out and do things on my own but right now with my wrist and my son needing my car its a bit hard lol

  7. OH, I hate construction work noise of any kind... We had road works for several YEARS at our street which were really annoying - especially since the did use dynamite in the process, making it feel like earthquakes all the time... *giggles*

    Ha! Lovely disappointment for the thief!


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