17 Sept 2011


It's nearly impossible to explain Belgian politics to other countries. We are the first and unique country which has been without an elected government for 15 months and honnestly we the ordinary citizens didn't notice anything in our daily lives. We even had the impression that everything went better.

Our dear politicans all together 8 parties, couldn't find a solution to especially one sticking point, a dispute over Brussels-Hal-Vilvorde (BHV), a district covering the capital and the suburbs.

BHV is the only district officially bilingual rather than French- or Dutch-speaking.

The 8 eight parties which gathered around the table to keep the country together, finally managed to find a solution for the disagreement centres on electoral boundaries in the linguistically divided Brussels BHV region.

8 parties is not bad for a country of 11 millions inhabitants ! Even the USA have only two parties.

The solution is called "a solution à la Belge" which means that everything stays more or less the same, but both parties the Waloons and the Flemish have the impression that they both winned. And that is what counts. Now they can continue on more important things like social laws, health services, pension increases, etc. which is of much bigger interest to the population and form a new government.

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  1. Oh, that's wonderful, Gattina. They both think they won! Only in Belgium, you say? I believe you. In the US they'd call for a recount. In Canada one party would fold.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  2. Oh dear, as you say, good that at least they both think they've won...
    God bless you!

  3. we had a minority government 2 x with three parties and all they did was politic against each other and change did not take place So now finally we have a majority government and a more mature government I think, which is willing to work together.
    They seem to forget that its the people they are working for

  4. wonder what changes a person when he or she moves from private to political.

    hey.. cute painting.

  5. Imagine how a italian could explain italian politics to strangers.... right now, of all times.....


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