18 Sept 2011


My blogfriend Loree from Stories and Scribbles had participated in a meme in which you had to list your most beautiful post
Your most popular post
Your most controversial post
Your most helpful post
Post whose success surprised you
Post you feel didn't get the attention it deserved
Post you are most proud of

Considering that I blog since September 2006, I refrained myself to participate, but it made me curious. I thought if I could only find a post which had the most comments. Of course it was a post with only a funny picture for Wordless Wednesday which made over 45 comments. But I wanted a real post where I wrote something and not the once where I have to be wordless. Anyway these wordless posts had a lot of success over the years, I have to admit the comments are easy to write too. (lol, hahaha, funny ... etc. ...)

But the once which really had lots of comments, (now don't think I am a comment collector, far from that) were these once :

Christmas ornaments with 41 comments in 2007

First trip to the USA in 1971 with 38 comments in 2008

8 things about you with 33 comments in 2007

Virtual friends with 32 comments in 2011

I came to the conclusion that the posts I liked the most, have maybe readers but not commentors, which is a big difference and the once I didn't like at all, where I had only done my daily "duty" got the most.

It also happens to me that I read a post, but don't have time to make an intelligent comment, so I rather leave it instead of making a stupid one, or just copy and paste the same comment in all posts, to make a comment marathon.

I also noticed that either my writer quality has diminished or that there are less Bloggers as in 2007 because there are less comments or that today the comments are rather quality before quantity, which honnestly I prefer.

Conclusion : Blogging is and remains my favorite hobby ! And if you feel to do statistics with the above mentioned questions : go ahead !


  1. That is interesting. I find I get more comments on the posts that I think are not so good and less on the post that I like the best. Funny that.

    It is rewarding to know that others are reading your posts. I occasionally check the stats info but not often. I prefer making friends with a few people rather than having heaps of silly comments.

  2. I read somewhere that blogging is on the way out. But for me, I still love it, as much as I did when I started in 2005. In fact lately, I have had a renewed creativity and started enjoying writing again. Who knows. Perhaps it will come back in fashion, like everything else.

  3. Dear Gattina,
    Very interesting question.I agree with your words, the important thing to me that keeps me blogging I have met wonderful friends around the world in this blogsphere and some already in person!
    It's great!
    About the comments in my blog, sometimes I got surprise with the preferences of my friends,anyway they are all very gentle and kind in their comments, so you always are!
    Thanks so much for your words and support.
    I hope to have the opportunity to visit your city and maybe we can chat and take a good coffee together!
    Léia :)

  4. Blogging statistics are weird. I ever know what is going to be liked and what isn't. It's hit and miss but I enjoy blogging not to become famous but to meet people from all over the world. It's my favourite hobby too.

  5. I love to meet new people, see what others are doing, sharing in other peoples joys and sorrows and having comments of different views from your own.Sometimes its nice to have support when you are down and coming back to the same bloggers creates a new family in cyber space in other parts of the world you know nothing about and have a chance to learn about.
    In other words its not about how many comments you get but about the quality of the people you meet.
    blogging brings people to your corner who are interested in the same things so its fun talking with them.


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