23 Sept 2011


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1. I certainly cannot say that this week had any favorite day, except Monday with my acqua gym group, we had a lot of fun as usual. We were joking about the clowns who are supposed to form a government and we came to the conclusion, that they all should be replaced otherwise in 10 years there will still be a Belgium without government ! It's just like discussions between deafs !

2. I visited Ilona who is still stuck with her broken toe, and left her early at 4 pm, because I had to go with cat Arthur to the vet. Since a few days he doesn't eat and behaves strangely. I took the highway because it's quicker and found myself stuck in a 20 km long traffic jam, and instead of 20 min it took me 2 h to arrive home ! The reason was a truck which had hit another car fell on one side and as it was loaded with chicken they escaped from their cages and were running around everywhere on the highway ! A friend of mine watched this incident out of her window and said it was just unbelievable all the people running behind the chickens to catch them. It took 4 h until the highway was usuable again !

3. Sorting out and filing pictures and blogging helped me through the day, I was so worried about Arthur and waiting for the blood test results. Finally I got a call from the vet that apparently he has nothing very serious.

4. Big discussion in my painting group about cat and dog diseases, and all kind of suggetions of what I should feed Arthur to get his appetite back. I really felt comforted. The afternoon I spent with my neighbor Vivienne, who informed me about everything what was going on in the neighborhood, fortunately nobody died, divorced, or had other troubles, besides with their kids at school.

5. I nearly caused some accidents coming back from the vet, because after Arthur had got a shot against infections, I let him out of the cage and sit free in the car. Of course he went to the back sat there and looked out of the window, washed himself from top to tail and was admired by the cars behind and besides me and the people on the side walks. I felt like the chauffeur of a star with so many attention !

I stopped to take this picture !

At home he gobbled down a full bowl with minced meat in which I had added an egg, so we were happy that for the first time since nearly 3 days he ate !


  1. That's good that Arthur ate a bunch of food after the vet visit. The scene of people running after chickens on the highway is just too ridiculously funny.

  2. You weren't showing off in the traffic were you Arthur?
    Pleased to hear you are eating again and hope your infection is all better now.

  3. I guess Arthur needed some attention to get his appetite going or maybe its due to stress.
    My dog sleeps a long time and then when he's hungry he barks.Otherwise you hardly remember he's there.lol
    Our politics here is all about obama canada and england vs iran palestine and israel.
    no end to this mess. today the financial situation was very bad our dollar fell.... now why does anyone want to listen to all this craziness every day.

  4. Hi Gattina, I'm so glad Arthur got his appetite back after the vet visit. (Sounds like my cats, spend money on them at the doctor and they come right immediately!) I love his star pose in the rear window of your car! And the thought of chickens all over the highway, well, no wonder you were stuck in the traffic jam! I'm back in blogger world again, thank goodness and trying to sort out my many photos to post. Have a great weekend. Jo

  5. If I let any of my cats roam free in the car they will invariably end up on me! Which is a bit of a pain when driving.

    I wish you had gotten a nice shot of those chickens, I would have loved to see them. Although being stuck in traffic for two hours doesn't sound too good!

  6. He just needed a drive through the countryside. Ha ha . Did he get to watch the chicken fiasco? How entertaining that would be for a cat.pecially from his perch in the car.~Ames

  7. I'm so glad that Arthur has recovered his appetite. My daughter's little cat was ill for a couple of days last week but is now back to full health. It's so worrying when our pets are ill.

  8. Arthur just needed to get out and away from the girls for a while. They don't appreciate him! Now he has this attention, he will hopefully be just fine.

  9. Love that pic of Arthur looking out the back window!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! In addition to our five Siberian Huskies, we have two cats too who adopted us!

    We are now following a few of yours! Come back and visit again soon!

  10. Sounds like your acqua gym group do have a lot of fun and conversation. How long have you known these folks? I'd like to find a similar water exercise group for me. I think it would help my old bone/joints to move better.

    A broken toe hurts sooooo much. I am sure your visit was a great encouragement to Ilona. Too bad your kindness was "repaid" by a 2 hour wait on the highway. The chicken scene does sound like it was good comic relief while you all waited.

  11. Yes, Arthur is quite the celebrity and isn't he lucky to have such a faithful chauffer! LOL. So glad he ate when you got home. Sick pets are definitely worrisome!

  12. LOVED the picture of Arthur! Glad he's doing better and eating.

    Have a great week.

  13. So glad Arthur got some appetite back and he was able to entertain other commuters on the road LOL!
    Have a great weekend Gattina!

  14. I am so sorry about Arthur but glad he is eating again. When our dog was ill the vet suggested ground beef (cooked) and rice and cottage cheese. It seemed to help him a lot. Don't know if it would help cats.


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