24 Sept 2011


I suffer from the white page syndrome :

blank page
blank page syndrome
white page syndrome
Blank page syndrome definition
a blank page
P e g e syndrome
page blank
pages syndrome
what is it called when you go completely blank
white blank page meaning


  1. Even with BPS you managed to make me laugh (and I need a laugh!) I love the tome on how to understand women! Hope you're having a great weekend. Jo

  2. I love big books but this one is incredibly huge!!! lol

  3. Loved this post. Do you think any man would read past page 2 in that book?

  4. That is a great road sign, haven't seen it here yet but I sort of hope it comes.
    As for the plumber sign, well he is a plumber and I suppose it's a fun and novel way of advertising.
    Is that thick book full of blank pages?

  5. You have me laughing out loud and passing the laptop around with this post! Thanks, Gattina.

  6. Ha ha! wonderful pictures - I love that toilet guy in the end!!!


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