16 Sept 2011


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1. Nothing special happened this week. On Monday I couldn't go to my acqua gym because I still had a little sore throat and I thought it was too risky. So I stayed home


My neighbor's roof is almost finished, and I hope the daily hammering too !

3. I had to buy a new spare battery for my little camera, as I had kept both in a wallet which had been stolen when I was in Brussels at the Bruegel festivities. Fortunately my camera was in my hand. But still it was annoying because these batteries are quiet expensive.

4. A sudden cooking euphoria took me for once and I made a couscous with fresh vegetables. I thought it was for the whole week but Mr. G's appetite was similar to a starving lion and I have only two portions left which I will put in the deepfreeze.


During our painting course two responsibles from the Waterloo city came and selected the paintings we had made for the exposition of Victor Hugo's "Les Misérables" . The exposition will take place in December but meanwhile there are lots of festivities going on for the 150 years of Victor Hugo. He wrote part of this book here in Waterloo. (my painting is the blue and white girl with starving cat).

And this "eventful" week ends with mowing the lawn !


  1. I hope your throat is better now. All my weeks are like yours . . . ;-)

  2. Thank God that roof is almost finished, I can imagine why you made it one of your top favorites! I was wondering why I heard those bells chime earlier this week. It was because you were actually COOKING!! Did it hurt? LOL!

  3. LOL a starving lion!! At least you had 2 portions left over :)

  4. Even a boring week is a good week. I laughed at your metaphor comparing your husband to a starving lion :)


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