27 Aug 2011


When you think about funny situations in your life, you notice that they are very funny now, but when you were just in the middle of the event it was less funny !

This is what happened to me when we were freshly married.

Mr. G at this time worked in the Hilton room service from 11 pm till 6 am. Therefore I used to drive him to work because we only had one car and it was late ! One evening I had washed my hair, put on curlers and was dressed in a nightgown and bathrobe. Outfitted like that I drove him to work.

On the way back my car suddenly started to stammer, went on strike and stopped. I was sitting there in the middle of the night on the most elegant boulevard of Brussels and wondered what should do now.

First I got out. With my curlers on my head and my bathrobe I really had a very sexy look ! At least there was no risk that somebody took me for a red light lady, looking for rich clients.

While I still raked my brain how to get out of this situation, a car stopped and 4 young guys got out and asked me what happened. With my sweetest, most beautiful smile I told them that my car had given up its soul. One of them looked at it and started laughing. I had ran out of petrol. As simple as that.

Of course I had no money and nothing with me. One guy suggested to pick up some gaz at the nearest station, while the others stayed with me and we were all laughing when I explained why I was in this embarrassing situation. When the helpful boy came back and had filled in my tank, I invited all of them to our home for a drink. I took my car and they followed me and the end of the story was, that we spent a very funny evening together !

This has happened in the beginning of the 70th and I think nowadays nobody would stop for a girl in a bathrobe decorated with curlers. They all would believe that she is a dangerous nutcase escaped from a madhouse or a disguised terrorist as this is very in fashion today !


  1. LOL! Yes, I can relate to that. Had almost the same situation but I was the one who ran after some young men! Will tell the whole story one day!

  2. You were lucky that they were nice boys, these days yo may not be so lucky. Hee hee I can just see you in curlers and bathrobe in the high street.

  3. great story!

    I had an embarrassing experience this week when I was getting my mother out of the car, locked my keys in the car, my cellphone in the trunk, and all my house windows and doors locked. I had to park my poor mother with a neighbour while I waited for the automobile club truck to rescue us.

    As embarrassing as that was, there was another factor which I cannot even mention which made things even worse and was the whole reason why i forgot my keys in the car... Funny in retrospect but not at the time.

  4. Remember when I had my car accident last winter? Yes, it was three nice men who came to my rescue. I think there are still good people out there.

  5. I remember when you told to us this adventure with Riccardo! Hi, hi! I imagine the scenario!

  6. ???I think we grew in safer times but I think ypou must have been sexy too if they stopped.
    today you can't invite people you don't know into your home
    Its very risky.


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