2 Jul 2011


During the whole week I did my market study to find a new Madame GPS, as I want to divorce from the old one and find a younger model. (Equality for women !) Since she had conducted me amongst cows, to the wrong airport and other strange places, I lost all confidence and decided to buy a new one, and for that my forthcoming birthday was ideal !

Mr. G. and son D. got the instruction to share the costs for a new Madame GPS for me. Finally I found one which fulfils all my wishes, and also a shop where it was 30 € cheaper !

Today I went to the shop to buy my new GPS. When the shopowner saw me entering his shop, he made a face as if he couldn't believe that such a grandma dared to enter his kingdom.

A women my age is not supposed to know anything about computers or internet or anything close to it. In some way he is right, because amongst my friends only very few use internet and don't really know what a computer is, except that it bites.

He took the GPS from the shelf, put it on the cash desk and ask me to pay. I told him that first I had a few questions concerning map updates with the computer. He rolled his eyes invisibly to the ceiling, probably expecting a lot of stupid questions. But when I started to speak and told him what I had done so far googling through the net to get all informations about all Garmin GPSs, his eyes almost popped out of his head. To some questions he didn't even know the answers and I had to explain them to him. As he only knew the things in French, but Garmin is in English and the French translation rather bad, he quickly realized that I don't have to be in my 30th to have some know how and that there are also exceptions in grandmas. I think for Grandpas he would have accepted these facts more easily.

Finally he was so startled that his whole world collapsed because apparently women are not that stupid as he thought. Now he didn't want to let me go ! When I arrived he was in a hurry to get rid of me, now it was the opposite. He even asked me questions ! Of course from computers itself I don't know anything or very little, but when it comes to Internet and everything which comes with it, I can hold the position.

At the end he offered his services if ever I had a problem with my GPS and even held the door open so a could walk out (head up !) !

Now I have to wait until July 8th to become a proud owner of my new Madame GPS, and I hope that she will be a responsible adult and not a teenager in puberty who sends me amongst the cows again !

Modern times !


Kay L. Davies said...

Well, having met your previous GPS, I hope you are happier with the new one! However, I don't remember being taken amongst cows in Brussels. That might have been interesting.
Looking forward to a report on the new one's performance. Meanwhile, I'm very proud of you for letting that young man know grandmas are smarter than we look. :o)
Luv, K

Whisppy said...

My phone is supposed to be GPS ready but if I had followed it (when it found the satellite!), I would have smashed into walls! 90%of the time, it has trouble locating the satellite and I would have arrived at the destination (half an hour later) and it was STILL searching for the darn satellite!

Linens and Royals said...

You show 'em Gattina!! Grandma's rule the world.
BTW I still use maps and get lost but soon I will graduate to a GPS.

Maribeth said...

I simply do not understand why men especially think that women and older women know nothing about GPS or computers. We are woman hear us roar! lol!

A Lady's Life said...

I love grammas. I think old people are swell Always did. lol
I have a tom tom and it is wonderful.
But you have to make sure you put in the right address or it too will take you in circles.
I think it updates by itself.

Reader Wil said...

Ha, ha... My Polish guests, who were very nice young people, told me that it was amazing that women my age should speak foreign languages. And the Greek visitors I had, said exactly the same! Now I was amazed that women my age in those countries didn't speak any language but their own...
Apparently men expect women to be stupid in anything except for cooking and cleaning the house.My two daughters are technicians and always work on the computer. One has three master degrees of the technical college and works as a draughtswoman. My youngest daughter wrote a book on the computer. She is also a carmechanic.
I hope that the new GPS works 100% better than the old one, Gattina! Thanks for showing that shopkeeper that there are very smart grandmothers in this western world of ours, and that you are no exception!

Pamela said...

I have a good friend who doesn't touch the computer. Sometimes I envy her.

Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

Ha ha, well done Gattina! So, what Garmin model did you order? We have an older one we bought in 2008: Garmin 760 and it has worked very well (saved us lots of times at difficult road choices), except that the updates takes a very long time. But then, we only update a couple of times/year.