27 Jun 2011


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On Saturday we had to leave Istanbul and we payed our bill for the food and drinks and were happily surprised that it was much less as we had expected !

Our travel agency had told us that they would pick us up at 11 am.

As the suitcases were packed we decided to sit on the terrace and take a last look over Istanbul. Two Greek girls from Athens were fighting with an umbrella, and Dominique helped them, suddenly the umbrella fell on their heads and I only could see their legs. Unfortunately until I had my camera ready it was up again. What a laughter !

They then took this picture of us. Meanwhile the taxi arrived, we had to say good bye and were driven to the airport. Underway the driver told us that Istambul is even bigger than I thought, 140 km from one end to the other ! The petrol is very expensive there, 2 € for one liter ! And the streets are full of cars, and quiet new once.

The check in went smooth and very efficient, everything is very well organized and the airport is very beautiful. We had a little lunch there before boarding.

As our flight was with Turkish Airlines, the seats were turquoise too ! Very comfortable, much better than the planes I normally use.

Mr. G. was waiting for us at the airport and had prepared bought fresh Tortellinis filled with spinach and cheese.

Pookie sat with us at table a little disappointed that there was no meat. The cats behaved as if I hadn't been away.

On Sunday I unpacked, and Dominique came over to pick up her two birds which Mr. G had taken care of too. We both have the blues, so the rest of the day I sorted out my pictures and avoided to look out of the window, the sky is as grey as an old mouse !


Whisppy said...

That's so sweet of Mr G to prepare torteillas to welcome you home! Heehee. After the beautiful blue skies in Istanbul, the grey skies are going to take some adjusting to!

Jo said...

Mr G is so kind to prepare tortillas, look after the cats and Dom's two birds. Are the cats used to the birds? Shadow knew the budgies we had in Khartoum but I think these days he'd eye them with a hungry glint in his eye! I love the photo of Pookie. So glad you had such a wonderful holiday and shared it all with us. Welcome home, Gattina! (((Hugs))) Jo

Maribeth said...

Ah, but what a marvelous trip you had! I loved the adventures of Gattina each day! And the pictures were wonderful too! When is your next adventure and where will you go?

Auntie E said...

LOL I loved the read! Glad you had a great time. Those seat look like home chairs. I always feel down when I return from a trip. Love being waited on and not having to work at home;)
My Monday post is up.

A Lady's Life said...

Geez lol
I guess you had a more than wonderful time lol
I would be happy to be back home. Just thinking of the airports is enough to make me want to stay home.
This week they made a 95 year old woman in a wheel chair take off her diapers.
He daughter was very angry. Can you imagine where things have got to because of these terrorists?

Maybe you should have stayed another week or so lol
But I agree the weather is a damper and is keeping me in a very gloomy frame of mind as well.

Mara said...

Tortellini. I still have an old recipe I once got from an Italian friend of mine. It's just such a shame it's so much work to make them from scratch.

I love that expression about the sky being as grey as an old mouse. I might have to use that now.

claudie said...

What a beautiful trip you had in Istanbul with Dominique! I would want to be with you two! But my vacation goes with the pupils!!!!!Still two days of class and after on holiday!
I put many pictures on my facebook profil about theater and beach! I can't wait to be free and report on my blog! Mr G is a such nice guy cooking for you two! I hope he put less salt than Pierre!!!

hocam said...

Gattina, I have just read your wonderful account of your trip to Istanbul. You certainly seemed to have an exciting time, from having your purse robbed, sunglasses down the loo, fish sandwiches, durum kebab. It made me hungry. And all the wonderful sightseeing. I am heading back to Turkey on Friday and will be there for two months. It is a truly amazing country. It is not possible to visit without having adventures! Thank you for sharing your trip.