25 Jun 2011


Today at 11 am we will leave our cute little hotel which had been a real home to us during the 10 days we have spent here.

our room, with Domi making advertising for apple tea and my "office" on the other side was a little round table and an armchair.

"our street"

We wanted to take as much sun as possible home to our usually grey Belgium so we spent yesterday the whole afternoon reading and chatting on the roof by the swimming pool.

In the morning we did a last shopping and went to the Grand Bazar.

this is the plan and gives you an idea how big it is.

Dominique found a beautiful turquoise ring for her and I bought a little hand painted bowl for my friend in England. I must have written on my front "I am German" because lots of the vendors talked German to me. Germany has a huge Turkish community and lots of people have worked in Germany saved as much as possible and returned to their country to open a shop. I met at least 5 this morning who told me their story and where they had lived.

Of course they always had something to sell. The people like to laugh and joke so we had a quiet funny walk through the Bazar.

We admired this golden elephant

and the Turkish slippers

need some jewelry in real gold ? come to the Bazar !

in one of the little streets

and a fountain, where a man brushed his teeth

A place for Apple Tea !

and our last Turkish sandwich in our little café called "Akin Buffet". We certainly will miss them !

then we took our tram back to the hotel.

And herewith end my holidays in Istanbul


MaR said...

I loved apple tea in Istambul!! glad you had a fantastic vacation, travel safely.

Marja said...

Nice pictures. Wuld love to go to Istanbul. I think Turkey is a fantastic country. We went there ages ago

Linens and Royals said...

I have enjoyed your holiday so much. The time went by so quickly, now I look forward to your next trip. Egypt again?? You really know how to get the most out of every day.

claudie said...

Want to go in Istanbul since I read you for those days! Chance you had to meet some people who could speak the german langage! I noticed when I was in Mûnich there were many turkish people in the center of the town.
Grand Baazar looks like the Ali Baba Cavern!

Maribeth said...

It looks like a wonderful time. I hope it is not too cold and gray when you return to Belgium.

Whisppy said...

How quickly time flies when you're having so much fun! What a lovely vacation you had and I can't wait to read about what the cats (and Mr G) think when you get home. :)

Loree said...

What an interesting place. I love those Turkish slippers.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Thanks for the lovely pictures of Istambul. I have enjoyed all your postings on your holiday. This is one place my friend Lynne would like to take me. Time will tell.

I have another blogging friend who did part of her growing up in Turkey. Her father was a diplomat. She has many fond memories and still enjoys startling her Turkish neighbours on the Eastern Shore of Virgina by speaking their language.

possum said...

Merhaba Gattina!
Thank you for the worst case of homesickness I have had in a long, long time! I enjoyed traveling with you.. It brought back so many memories.
Istanbul is my favorite city, by far. It is just so amazing, like walking thru a history book.
Thank you for a little reminder of home!