23 Jun 2011


Today we choose the Dolmabahce Palace for a visit. I had seen it already from outside when we did our boat tour. We took our tram and went from Europe to Asia, as the Palace is on the other side.

I never had imagined what a beautiful palace it was ! I have seen Versailles near Paris, but it seemed like a garden shed to me when I had visited this one !

It is not that old it was built between the years 1843 and 1856.

The Palace was guarded by special soldiers, one stood like a wax figure there and didn't move a bit. It was like these wax figures you see sometimes on the streets. Everybody posed besides the poor guy he certainly was sweating under his helmet and suddenly a second one arrived to lift the helmet several times so that his head got a little air.

Before we entered the palace we all had to put a plastic around our shoes, a few young man forgot it and had to come out to put them on. We all looked very elegant.

We were not the only once who had the idea of visiting the palace today.

The world's largest Bohemian crystal chandelier is in the center hall. The chandelier, a gift from Queen Victoria, has 750 lamps and weighs 4.5 tonnes.

Unfortunately no camera was allowed inside the palace I could just take this picture by zooming from outside.

When I took this one to show the beautiful ceilings , a guardian made me a sign that even from outside I wasn't allowed to take a picture from inside !

But as usual when something is not allowed it becomes interesting to me so I am very proud that I could take this picture of the famous Crystal Staircase which has the shape of a double horseshoe and is built of Baccarat crystal, brass and mahogany. It was like in a fairy tale, it wouldn't have surprised me if a princess with a crown would have showed up suddenly.

Outside was a parking for strollers ! that looked so funny !

the park too was beautiful and had several lion sculptures.

When we got out of all this beauty and another world, we were hungry and looked for a little café for our Turkish sandwich. But we didn't find anything in Asia so we took the tram back to Europe and stopped at the habour.

There we found this beautiful golden carriage where a man in a phantasy uniform sold fresh grilled fish in a sandwich. Dominique bought two, and we sat down

here on little chairs and tables and ate with pleasure our freshly grilled fish, while looking at the Ferries and excursion boats. Then we took the tram to the hotel.

The afternoon we spent as usual here on the roof. The waiter told us that he lives in the European quarter, but on the Asian side, and there are all cultures and religions living together in harmony. He said that he is woken up by the Mosque's speaker calling for prayers, while his brother is woken up by church bells because he lives besides a catholic church. Only the Jews who live there since centuries don't make any noise, at least not religious once.

BTW I have my new sunglasses on my nose !


Farmer's Wyfe said...

What fun and how beautiful!!

Whisppy said...

Fun Fun FUN! I'm glad they didn't confiscate your camera after you took all those photos!

Kay L. Davies said...

I'm also glad you didn't lose your camera. You haven't had it very long.
The crystal staircase is a bit too grand for me, but I like your new sunglasses.
Sounds like a super holiday.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Cezar and Léia said...

Dear Gattina,
What a wonderful Palace there, I love the "chandelier"!All pictures are great and so nice that you could take some pictures inside the palace.
Your collage at the hotel is great, you looks charming with the new glasses!

Linens and Royals said...

A crystal staircase!! I would love to see that. The chandelier is a very grand gift from Queen Victoria. You are a very clever photographer with your "forbidden" photos. Keep it up, I want to see more.

jabblog said...

A crystal staircase sounds extraordinary. I smiled at the soldier on duty - poor chap. I wonder what he does to keep awake?

Maribeth said...

It seems you have the entire rooftop all to yourselves! How wonderful it is for you!
What a marvelous trip you have had! When do you come back?

A Lady's Life said...

you look wonderful Gattina

Can you imagine that stair case!
Wow gorgeous!
All crystal What will they think of next.
I guess we should make ours of glass. Its a good idea cause its easy to clean with windex lol
And that chandelier is way too extravagant at that weight.
Why do they need something so heavy.
You did indeed have a great day!

Loree said...

What a lovely palace. I thought that the soldier really was a wax figure. Oops :)

Gracie said...