20 Jun 2011



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Istanbul day 5

As I wrote already our hotel is located in the middle of Istanbul and unfortunately also surrounded by 3 mosques. They are very beautiful, but they have a big disadvantage, all 4 h a speaker (now a CD) calls for prayers. Normally it should be at exactly the same time, but one Speaker always is a few seconds later than the two others which then doesn't sound like stereo anymore but like 3 D music which hurts your ears. The dog who lives on the ground floor in the house next our hotel, sleeps outside during night and likes to pray too, especially at 4.30 am. When the speaker sings Aaaaaalaaaaah ... little pause, the dog makes Aaaaawooooooo ... little pause. Speaker continues, dog too. The prayer call during the day is nice and gives us a holiday feeling, our church bells are also noisy, but so early in the morning and with a religious dog ... !

Today, Sunday we made another city tour, which took us first to the Spice Bazar

Besides spices of all kinds, there was also the usual stuff like jewelry, leather bags and clothes, souvenirs etc . We quickly had made the tour and while I was waiting for the others I took the picture of the old lady selling food for the uncountable pigeons which apparently bring luck and prosperity (not dirt !) and found the little boy so cute who hugged his little sister while black ghost mom was on the mobile phone.

Then we took this ship for a tour on the Bosphorus. Unfortunately nobody could understand the explanations neither in English nor in French, because the microphones didn't work very well on board. We all were a little angry about that, our guide helped us from time to time, until we realized that he only knew the things he had to explain in French and nothing else.

That's what we saw amongst a lot of other things but I will write a detailed post on my travel blog once I have recovered from my holidays.

I took pictures and watched the people some of them slept peacefully through the interesting history. Dominique sat besides two guys with a turban and I teased her saying that he is her new love.

I thought I can still read afterwards what I have seen. Dominique has a very good book with pictures so it is easy to recognize the buildings and fortresses we saw.

Tram stops are very easily indicated, now we have no problem anymore to discover Istanbul on our own without expensive guides.

We then took the tram back to near our hotel, but before we both had to go badly for little girls. Usually besides any mosque there is also a WC, so we looked for a Mosque and found what we were looking for. The toilets are quiet special, they existed years ago in France and Italy too, its a porcelain square with a hole in the middle and a place for your feet on each side. Then you just aim at the hole. I did, it had been a long time I had done this in the woods, and bending over my sunglasses suddenly disappeared in the hole. No way to get them out of the shit, even if they would have been a designer model, I just decided to buy new once, which I did on the way back. In the hotel I noticed that they were from "Gucci", for not even 7 € ! Of course a fake and usually not allowed anymore, but they look very chic on my nose !

After that "shock" we had our lunch i.e. a Doner which is ideal for a light lunch.

The evening we spent as usual in the restaurant on the roof.


Loree said...

LOL. Your posts always make me giggle. Sorry to hear about your sunglasses.

Auntie E said...

What an adventure indeed. Some funny things now, but at the time probably not. Hubby and I had a good time reading your adventures.

peppylady (Dora) said...

I can see why there such adventure on your trip, it Istanbul.

Coffee is on.

Gracie said...

Well, now we have to see a pic of you with your new glasses on!