24 Jun 2011

ISTANBUL DAY 9 - Bospherus cruise

As tomorrow it will be already our last day and we want to go back to the Grand Bazar, we decided to return to the habour and take a cruise of our own, one on the Asian side and one on the European side. It turned out that from both cruise ships we almost had the same view, only sometimes you were nearer to the river side.

We took our tram to Asia and took a sightseeing boat named "Arthur" of course it couldn't be another name even by pure coincidence !

The atmosphere on the first ship was very cheerful, there was music and the people danced. A young Turkish women came over and asked if she could sit between us and have a picture taken. Of course we agreed ! First we spoke English with her but then it turned out that she was a teacher in German ! Her parents had worked in Germany and she was at school there, so she spoke perfectly German. In Istanbul then she got her teacher degree. She was happy to speak German and we chatted together. The other women were also teachers it was a very funny group.

The Turkish girls, and one they didn't like at all ! The German teacher is the one on the left. These black crows are not liked at all !

Here we are on the other ship on the European side it was much bigger and also more elegant, if a ship can be elegant. The surprise was it was cheaper instead of 12 € for the first ship, here we payed only 10 € for 1 1/2 h cruise. It was wonderful sitting there and watching the beautiful landscape along the river side.

The roman city wall and in front a Muslim graveyard

we drove under the bridge which relates Europe to Asia, an old palace was just standing underneath. I hope for them that they don't hear the cars over their heads.

We approached the stop and went off the ship. Just besides was a little covered place with benches and little chairs and tables.

We thought it would be nice to have this grilled fish sandwich again. And it was delicious !

Dominique eats with appetite

The fish comes fresh from the sea and is grilled on the fisher boat

Under our table was a happy fat cat, who wasn't bothered at all by all these people

That's the sandwich.

We crossed the place in front of the habour where many little food stands are, took the tram and went back to our hotel.

Dominique at the entrance

The rest of the day I tried to prepare this post, with Internet interruptions and some @&§% and then sunbathing and swimming on the roof.


A Lady's Life said...

Thats a huge sandwich!!!
And the sights are sooo coool!
You are truly having a great time Gattina.

Whisppy said...

When I was younger, I had followed my parents on a cruise or two and always ended up seasick and miserable. The grilled fish sounds very very yummy and I'm so hungry now. ;)

Jo said...

Oh Gattina, that's such a lovely tour you took us on, Gattina. I love the sound of the freshly grilled fish sandwich (even though, being a vegetarian I'd not eat it, but my husband would!) and LOVED the fat cat under the table. I also love the name of the first ship you went out on. Is Arthur perhaps missing you? Have a WONDERFUL last day. (((hugs))) Jo

MaR said...

Love the view of the city from the water, it brings back great vacation memories. Enjoy your last day and come home safely. Hugs.

Maribeth said...

My friend, who teaches English around the world, says that Turkey is one of her favorite teaching posts. She says she would go back in an instant! She is Greek, and so most people just leave her alone when she walked the streets because she looks Turkish! I told her all about your trip and she was glad that you had a good time!