22 May 2011


I think by now, everybody had heard about the IMF boss Mr. Strauss Kahn, DSK for friends.

Honnestly I don't care what happens to this old goat in heat, if he would be treated in an equal way by the American justice. Something reminds me of the Simson case, Money, money, money !

If you are a murderer or a rapist, the American justice makes a big difference between a full or an empty bank account and blow up a huge story of what probably would have never been known by the public if the rapist would have been a less famous person, although I didn't know him til now !

Unfortunately DSK followed his sexual instincts in the States, and not in France where probably, the victim would have gotten the millions of $ (but probably less) to just shut up, and a treatment by a psychologist, and DSK would have continued to be the boss of IMF, because business is business. Amongst us, the Italian president Berlusconi is not better, but apparently besides a few women, Italy doesn't really care.

The European countries are very much annoyed, because now they have to find somebody to replace him, and all that because Mr. DSK had spring feelings and didn't ask if he was allowed to have some.

After having spent 4 awful inhuman nights (said French TV) in a Rikers cell, he was now allowed to leave jail for only $1 million cash bail, a $5 million insurance bond and a house arrest at a New York apartment already rented by his loving wife and daughter, his foot decorated with an electronic monitoring bracelet. One armed guard must be deployed at all times, at Mr Strauss-Kahn's expense ! The forgiving wife was already there to put out the red carpet to welcome her little innocent (of course) DSK. Unfortunately they had to move elsewhere because residents of these luxury appartments refused to accept him in this building. Poor man.

My worries now are, how can he take a bath or shower with this electronic foot decoration ? Is it water proofed or not ? If not he could kill himself the poor guy ! But probably the armed guard watches that he let his foot hanging out of the bath.

Now I am not so sure if exactly the same would have happened if it would have been Mr. Jones, a garbadge man. Apparently justice is not really for the poors or normal people !
And meanwhile nobody talks about the poor victim and her feelings.

How the French press sees the case

DSK candidate for elections

Accused of sexual agression ...

I come to vacuum

He even tried to make me believe that he was a socialist ! ... it's terrible


Maribeth said...

It's on our news each day! Shame, shame, shame.

Reader Wil said...

Very good post, Gattina! I think like you: let him have a taste of his own medicine, let him be beaten at his own game! What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.At first he denied having sex with the woman, later he confirmed he had sex but she wanted it.

diane b said...

When elections are involved (he was going to run for French president) who really knows the truth. The media write anything for political reasons.

Linens and Royals said...

Very funny cartoons. Yes, Mr D.S.K should have asked for permission for his spring fever, then he wouldn't have to stick his foot out of the bath.