28 May 2011


Sometimes conversations are misunderstood and this happened Thursday in my painting class.

I asked my classmate Ginny, what happened to Max exactly ?

I don't know, she answered, he came home and blinked with one eye at me all the time

I imagined the picture and laughed

Yes she said, but the next day his eye was completely closed so I had to bring him to the doctor. He gave him a shot and now he has to take pills 3 times a day, it's so difficult ! I try to put them in his food, but he smells it, and spits them out ! Imagine ! and the drops I have to put in his eye ! that's a real drama !

I know I know, I said, I have the same with Arthur when it comes to pills. He lost some weight and I thought he was sick, but he still washes himself and he plays with the girls ! I think I have to give him a vermifuge, or it's the spring hormons although he is spayed.

At this moment another classmate who had listened to our conversation said horrified : Spayed ??? Spring hormons and you give vermifuge to your husband ?? and what is with yours she said to Ginny, you put pills in your husband's food and he spits them out ??

We looked at each other and bursted in laughter, we had talked about our cats and the poor girl had thought we would talk about our husbands ! Ginny said, fortunately I haven't mentioned that he (the cat) also had been bitten in his tail !


Kat said...

Ha ha very funny post! Yes misunderstandings like that do occur, especially if someone just enters the conversation without knowing head or tail!

Kay L. Davies said...

TOO funny, Gattina. LOL
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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tracy said...

super cute. i always talk about my dogs and cats as if they were my children. i'm sure my conversations get misunderstood a lot too. ;)

Jo said...

Ha-ha. That is hillarious, Gattina. Yep, it would sound like you're talking about your husbands. Re your comment on my post today that I'm purring the loudest, too true. I'm so relieved that we got Shadow across the continent safely. (again!) Have a great weekend. Jo PS I need a cartoon like the one of the guy in shreds whose given the cat medicine. Do you have a link?

Linens and Royals said...

The 'trained staff' in the cartoon looks very efficient. Wonder if he makes house calls?

Mara said...

I love conversations like that! And I must say I am glad the two of you were talking about your cats and not your husband!

jabblog said...

Very funny - it's all too easy to get the wrong end of the stick:-)

Maribeth said...

Dogs are so much easier to give medication to. I remember my cats and how difficult that was. Right now my sisters cats is diabetic and needs shots twice a day. He also has another illness. Poor dear. She is hysterical and cannot let him go to Rainbow Bridge.

Father Tom said...

That is a very funny story, we loved it!

Have a good weekend!

Tom & Julie

Ann said...

when I was young, mum said, pinch your nose and your meds won't be so bad. Then we have a spoonful of sugar to take the meds taste away.

Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

Ha ha ha! I love misunderstandings, always so funny - and the cartoons are priceless, especially the laste one.

Our Village is a Little Different said...

LOL! How funny! I now, I talk about my cats as though they were my children..


Pamela said...

Cats are really smart about that medicine. I remember one cat that knew when I was even thinking about getting her medicine out of the cupboard