21 May 2011


Usually it should be very easy to go to the small airport Charleroi Brussels South where only Charter flights are landing and where I had to pick up Mr. G. coming back from his holidays with his sister In Italy. But not for me !

My getting old Madame Garmin GPS got suddenly lost when the highway was closed for works and recalculated in all directions. As I had no other choice and am unable to read a map I followed her instructions and got the impression to turn around in cercles with all her recalculating, because in my excitement and anger, I mixed up left with right, as always do when I don't pay attention.

Finally I arrived at an airport looking like place, where I had taken my flight to Marseille a month ago. As the entrance was closed with a barrier and only a few cars standing on the parking, I found this very strange but in my excitement I thought that it probably was the back of the airport building ! Fortunately there was a bell ! I rang and a friendly male voice answered "Yes ?" I told him that I wanted to pick up my husband but couldn't get in because of the closed barrier and that I am already late.

My Caterpillar "airport"

He laughed and said that I wasn't at the airport at all but at the entrance of the big Caterpillar company and that I should make a U-turn, go to the first roundabout and then to the second and then I would see the airport. I had no time to feel stupid, turned around and listened to Madame GPS' "recalculating" voice.

Of course she didn't know anything about roundabouts and therefore couldn't give me other instructions as "recalculating" ! I got more and more angry and almost threw her out of the window ! Finally I saw the sign to the airport and although she insisted to direct me elsewhere I followed the sign and found a freezing Mr. G. waiting there (his plane was in advance) he came from 25°C (77 F) and it was just 11° (52 F) here.

and the real one !

In fact they had built a new airport that's why my senior Madame GPS wanted to take me to the old one of course because she didn't know the new one ! At least this time she didn't take me to the cows.

Of course I could update her, but it is so expensive compared to buying a new one, that it is probably wiser to think about a new one as a birthday gift !


diane b said...

Don't you love technology when it gets you lost. I think a new one is in store. How did you get home?

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

AW! Glad to hear that you eventually got there :o)

Thank you for your comment to my post last week! I can't believe that only today did yours and about 9 others show up from that post! (That Blogger maintenance thing was a doozy! But I'm happy that the comments did pop up!)

Blessings & Aloha!

And the date stamp still shows up when the comments were actually left, but then on the email notification, it shows today's date!

Linens and Royals said...

That's very funny to imagine you at a locked gate and deserted site.
I don't have a G.P.S, I read my maps then allow extra time for getting lost.

Love Bears All Things said...

I find even google maps is sometimes wrong or sends me the long way...I laughed about you throwing it out the window.. glad you found your Husband finally.
Mama Bear

Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, yes, I remember you and Madame GPS. You said you have to remember "left" is where your wedding ring is! What a fun day that was!
But this post reminds me of Dick trying to find the airport in Barcelona after our week-long drive around Spain. We got totally lost because of construction in the area. But it was a rented car, and a rented GPS, so we tried telling the GPS to go home, and it got us there in no time!
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

A Lady's Life said...

We had a couple who did the same thing here and got lost in the snow in the US. When their car got stuck he went to try to find help and she stayed with the car for several weeks before someone found her. They did not find her husband and so much said for the GPS. It took them into Gods country. What rotten luck?

Jo said...

Omw, Gattina! Those dang GPS ladies! We had a similar experience on Saturday while looking for the kennels (which my son and I found with map instrutions in 2006) The kennels had not moved but the GPS lady sent us to a street with the same name rather than a road! I can write a book about GPS instructions and will be doing a post on her misguiding this weekend as well as other times she got us lost! Pah! Please could you mail me the link of the post where you also got lost with Madame GPS. (((Hugs))) Jo