16 May 2011


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Before Mr. G came back from Italy I was invited by my neighbor and friend Dominique for supper because her eldest son with his little family was there and Lucie the baby girl was born 3 days before my grandson Toby. As I haven't seen Toby since February, I just could see how he probably will be now, only a little taller. Her son had brought Chinese food and we had a real nice supper together. Two year old Charly bravely tasted Chinese sweet/sour chicken for the first time and declared that it was good. While we were eating, little Lucie rolled on the floor and was in a happy mood although she had spent the whole day in daycare. We joked and said that Toby has already a girlfriend in Waterloo.

Lucie admires my glasses

A cute and cool little family

Lucie discovers the world

The next day I picked up Mr. G. at the Brussels' South Airport. It's a small airport only for charter flights. He was very happy to be home with his wife and cats again, and was very tired.

Happy Arthur

He is not used anymore to the noisy Italian way of life, where everybody shouts at the same time and nobody listens to the other. He said he would never be hungry again, because they fed him so much, twice a day a hot meal and of course everybody wanted to show their cooking talents. Besides eating he didn't do very much. He also missed his computer. There were not a lot of news to tell except that everybody had become older and quieter and he had started to get troubles with closing his jeans. He wasn't even at the Lake of Garda.

and Pookie

Sunday it was cool and rainy, Mr. G. was still tired and slept the whole afternoon and went to bed very early. I spent the afternoon with Ilona, we had a lot of things to discuss. We wanted to do a walk through the woods, but it was so cool and windy that we prefered to stay inside.


Linens and Royals said...

Arthur is a perfect picture of contentment.
Sunday here was a perfect sunny and warm day. I think Autumn here is a bit better than your spring weather.

Mara said...

It must be nice having him home again. And the cats look happy to have him home again as well.

Maribeth said...

How nice to have Mr. G back! And Dominique's family is so nice!
I too, love quiet. I do not think I would be happy with a noisy family!
But I would love the food!!! lol!

claudie said...

You had a nice WE! The baby playing on the ground looks so cute!
i'm sure Toby will have a good friend in Waterloo!
Mr gattino must be on diet now! You can use the grill with vegetables and meat or fishes! We cook like that fast everyday now! It is the fest each day! Simple cook, light, naturel and so tasty!!!

A Lady's Life said...

While travelling is nice, there is no place like home.
This is where you can relax and be surrounded by things you love.

Pamela said...

oh my... I've got so much catching up to do. Its midnight - so I'm going to be reading tomorrow. In the meantime I have to laugh at the cat. I get so fed up with my daughter's cat as it crawls into our suitcases if we set them open. She's just curious!