30 Apr 2011


Yesterday I attended the Royal Wedding in London and as you can see I had an excellent vue on the whole event !

I could see them from so close, the place I choose was just the best !

I sat on our sofa and took the pictures from our TV. With a nice cup of tea I watched from the beginning til the end, although I have to admit that when boring people showed up or when the music played I dusted our living room. Household duties first.

A few weeks ago I thought I take the Eurostar and go to see it life, but then I thought I would I see more at TV although I missed the atmosphere on the streets.

But it also brought back memories

I was in the same situation nearly 42 years ago, of course there were less people, I didn't stand on a balcony to wave to the crowd and instead of a carriage we sat in a black limousine.

But I think the feelings at this special day are the same for everybody, rich or poor. Royal or not.


Jo said...

Absolutely Gattina, it was a lovely wedding and we all were able to share it, amazing isn't it? Brings back all sorts of memories. I love your wedding photos. Have a great weekend. (((hugs))) Jo

diane b said...

It was a great wedding. You can't beat the English when it comes to pomp and ceremony. I love the other wedding shots you were a handsome couple. Mt G was a dazzler and you a doll.

Maribeth said...

You and mr. G make a great couple both then and now! ;)

jabblog said...

Lovely photos of yesterday and yesteryear:-)

claudie said...

Quel beau couple toi et mr Gattino!!!
Un couple royal!!!! Ajourd'hui dans les journaux on parle beaucoup de la jeune soeur Pippa de la mariée!!!!

Kay L. Davies said...

I loved seeing the photos of your wedding. You were so cute, and I can certainly tell it's you, especially in the close-up in the bottom left photo.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Loree said...

Oh how sweet. So lovely to see your wedding photos. I always enjoy looking at wedding photos no matter whose wedding it is.

Gledwood said...

I remember Charles and Diana's wedding pretty clearly. I was 9. Andrew and Fergie I clearly recall Her Majesty the Queen joyfully running after the carriage as the Happy Couple departed Buckingham Palace for their honeymoon aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia.

It was a very good day but very toned down I thought. I expected far more in the way of soldiers dressed in Alice in Wonderland costumes. Which they did do but only on the way back, which I thought was strange.

What I like best was the way the Happy Couple looked so natural and smiled at one another so much. Unlike Charles and Diana!

Mar said...

I watched too, I love weddings and this one was beautiful.

Loved your wedding pictures, what a handsome couple ;-)

Mara said...

I loved her dress and yours wasn't too shabby either! I would prefer a wedding without too many people though, just family and friends and certainly not prime ministers who I couldn't care less about!

Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

Happy anniversary to you both! Oh la la, you look very happy & beautiful and I loooove your wedding dress!

Yes, one can actually see more from the wedding at TV than out on the streets, we did the same when our princess Victoria married her Daniel.

I really am fascinated over those old ladies camping for a long time before the wedding to get a great spot! Incredible!