25 Apr 2011


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When I came back from Southern France where I had spent a week with Claudie my ancient "virtual" friend who now became a real one in flesh and blood, Mr. G. was sick and I very tired, so we just didn't do anything besides he caughing and sneezing and sleeping and I busy with my photos. So that's not very interesting that's why I prefer to describe my last weekend.

Here I found the ideal place to update my blog daily on her balcony.

When I arrived in Marseille at 10 am they immediately took me to the family property where her sister lives and where she is building her new house. It's a beautiful place overlooking the sea from far.

it's growing slowly, slowly, from what I could see from the plans it will be very beautiful !

Her sister had invited us to celebrate the 2nd birthday of her little granddaughter and we had a barbecue on the property. Of course I had forgotten a hat to protect my head against the sun, so Claudie's sister gave me an old hat, which made me look like Miss Marple !

We all watched when the little granddaughter blow out her 2 candles, which really was a hard work !

After our barbecue we went home and the "fiesta" continued. I really felt home, because it was like in Italy, people from the South are so open and cheerful, even the plants and trees and the color of the houses reminded me Mr. G's region.

Claudie and her husband Pierre had invited their sisters plus husbands and a friend and we were again around 10 people. Pierre prepared a delicious buffet.

Doesn't it look yummy ?

We chatted and laughed but at 11 pm, I left them to fall into my bed, I was so tired because of the early flight and all the events I went through the whole day. I slept like a baby !

Next day we ate the left overs (not me alone !) before starting my "sightseeing tour" of the region.

And the flat on the last floor was my home for the week.


diane b said...

How welcoming they were. The food and hospitality looks wonderful. Hope it recharged your batteries to cope with sick Mr G.

Gledwood said...

It does look very nice down there.

Am I meant to describe what I did here or at mine? Well I'll tell you briefly I tried not to t*ke you know what so I didn't. And I tried not to be d*pressed and managed it. But I'm not sleeping which doesn't bother me too much it's 7am I'm going to try and get through to tonight with no sleep and then get a sleep cycle back.

That's all I'm trying to put my life back to normal, washing clothes etc. So that's what I did last weekend!!

Mar said...

What a fun time with blog friends!! beautiful place and such friendly faces :)

Maribeth said...

Off I go to add my header!

Kay L. Davies said...

What a busy day! I'm not surprised you went to bed before everyone else after such a long day.
Wonderful for you to spend so much time with Claudie and get to know her family.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Loree said...

What a great time you must have had. My weekend wasn't interesting either. My son was sick again - with an ear infection. This winter has been bad :(

Nessa said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time.

Linens and Royals said...

Delicious looking food, I want to be there to share. My packing is finished, I leave today....

EastCoastLife said...

Glad that you had a great time with Claudie and her family. They are such warm people.

I hope Mr G has recovered.

Boonie S said...

Great photos. Very enjoyable post. Thanks for this.

All the best, Boonie

claudie said...

We miss you, Gattina! We had so funny time all together! i hope that Mr. Gattino has recovered! yesterday we were again by my sister and had a wonderful day with the other sister of Pierre and her grandchildren! My sister miss you too! She spoke to me about the great time we had in Saint Tropez!!! we laugh still remembering the picnic, place des Lyces in front of the restaurants! hi hi!

A Lady's Life said...

That was great and it's so nice you met other people and shared in family activities.