8 Jan 2011

SATURDAY FUN - Funny Newspaper articles

When I see the News on Belgian TV I always see the same face too ! the one of the troublemaker, the Flemish nationalist who wants a Flemish Belgium and kick the French speaking Waloons out of the country. Fortunately he not only gets on the nerves of the French speaking people but also the Flemish once. He is just too much ! He reminds certain dictators who also have started so innocently. The Belgians have no problems between each other only a few fools as in all countries.

The new Cesar born in 1970 AD

He makes me think of a pig and the only thing missing is the persil in his ears. He loves to eat and gets fat and fatter, his party feeds him well.

So I decided to read some funny News and advertisings,

Hope the cows made it to the next border

I wonder who would buy used toilet paper ? and for what ?

probably not enough speed

These are intelligent physicians !

Yes, that's would we all should do ! Eat the meat which was made in the store !

Maybe that's why she only ordered a beer and not a whisky ?

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A Lady's Life said...

That was funny.
I don't know who would use used toilet paper unless it was to recycle in the recycling worm cannisters to make good soil for flowers.
I was going to put a blog on it because if people recycled everything from their homes, gardens would be beautiful and dumps would have less garbage dumped into them.

Becky Chalet said...

Hi Gattina, thanks for visiting, I'll keep my eyes on fun posts and remember this link. Have a nice day.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, these ads are hilarious. I love the one about burger king and their ingredients...their people. LOLOLOLOL

I have a story this week, about crabby women.

Ann said...

We have a silly man, Paul Henry who offended many people including making fun of the name of an Indian minister.

A lot of public uproar, and he is suspended.

Maribeth said...

These are all very funny. And very, very strange! lol!!!

Loree said...

Some of those ads are so very weird. Hope your fat politician isn't causing too much trouble. They exist everywhere unfortunately.

claudie said...

Hi, Gattina! I heard on tv about the flemish and the wallons disturb!!! But we saw a couple with children one is flemish and the other wallon and their love is the proof this is the best attitude! I broke my foot! I have to stay at home for a long time!

jabblog said...

Very funny!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Very funny ads, Gattina, and I had a good belly laugh.

Thank you so much for your Christmas email and congratulations on becomnig a grandma. I did send a reply but I had an email from Merle and I wondered if you had got it.

Anyway, I have put up a post after such a long time...I'm still alive and kicking!