27 Dec 2010


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When on the 24th I looked out of the window, I thought we would never be able to drive the 220 km to Amsterdam to celebrate Christmas with our son and family.

We were litterally burried in snow. I couldn't even open the garage door. With a snow shuffle which dated from Matusalem (I don't even remember when we bought it)

I managed to shuffle enough to get out of the garage with my car. Mr. G's was sitting deeply in the snow. We had to put a kind of socks around the front wheels not to slip and slide on the frozen snow. The city confronted with such a new problem hadn't thought about buying enough salt and didn't have snowblowers. It was a real adventure. Fortunately the highways were clean and there was no problem and finally we arrived just a little later as foreseen in Amsterdam in our hotel.

This time we had to sleep in a hotel because with the new baby, there was no spare room left for guest.

But we were very happy with the Hotel I had found, it was the Best Western and had a nice view on the canals and what is very important in Amsterdam it also had a garage, as parking on the street is very expensive even in front of your own house !

Then we drove to our sons flat and started our Christmas celebration !

First thing we noticed of course was that little Toby had changed and had become a big boy ! He is now a little more than a months. Above you see the young and old couple with little Toby and then he acted as little Jesus in front of the Christmas tree.

We had a raclette on Christmas Eve and on Christmas day a delicious turkey with couscous and broccolis gratiné. Nonno (Grandpa) Mr. G and Grandson Toby both full had a little nap together.

and here he is admiring his toys with music and was also very intrigued by my glasses.

Last but not least, here are a few of my Christmas presents and .... of course I was spoiled with cats !

We haven't been in the center of Amsterdam at all, it was so cold and the sidewalks were also a little slippery. It will be for the next time.

The ships were frozen in the canals, as I could see out of our hotel room.

Sunday we drove home on a cleaned highway and arrived again in our messy Waterloo, where the cars were stuck and burried in the snow. We pushed a big sigh of relief when we managed to drive in the garage without damaging anything !

We watched a film on TV and recuperated from celebrating and eating and were not hungry at all ! Christmas definitively is not made for people on diet !


  1. You were very courageous driving with all that snow!!! we are not use here! Amsterdam under the snow too!!! Toby is a such cute baby!
    What's the matter with the weather! They spoke about such minus temperatures in alsace yesterday on tv! It was a right christmas, this year! I see you weren't hungry like us! I am on diet to the jour de l'an, now!

  2. Hi Gattina, what a lovely weekend you had in Amsterdam (I love the hotel!) and with your precious family. Little Toby is a handsome young man already! I loved seeing the three generations of your men together. I haven't posted my "weekend" post yet as we did SO much and were home late every evening. Now we old fogies are trying to catch up on our sleep. Ha! Have a wonderful day and wrap up warm. Jo

  3. Christmas with a precious new baby! Could anything be more wonderful?! I am so glad you were able to brave the weather and create this wonderful memory.

  4. Love it that the men in the family nap together! Toby is adorable, enjoyed your pictures. I am surrounded by a white landscape, off skiing in a little while, I love snow because somebody cleans the streets and prepares the slopes for me :)
    Happy Holidays!!

  5. Toby is a cute little boy! I'm sure you had a wonderful time, even with the bad weather!!!

  6. Toby IS growing - and is sO adorable! I hope this was a VERY PLEASANT visit, and a merry MERRY Christmas!

    I absolutely LOVE that cat with the golden shoes! Way too cute!!!

  7. Toby is a beautiful baby! What lovely pictures.
    We finally have snow! Yay!!!!! 11 inches so far!

  8. O has your Grandbabby been born?

    Je zal Nederlands lernen moeten..?

    Did I get that right?

    Du wirst Holländisch lernen müssen.

    I'm afraid I'm just mirroring the German with Dutch words, so I don't know if I got it right. Google translate wasn't much help either.

    I hope you have a happy new year XXX!

  9. Well I see nothing stopped you from seeing that beautiful baby for Christmas which I am sure put a lot of joy into your heart.
    And the cats are gorgeous!!

  10. What a gorgeous baby. So glad you made it!

  11. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Gattina!! These photos of you and your family celebration with the sweet babe, Toby are so delightful!!! [I especially love the one of you and your son and Toby---you with black and the black and turquoise sweater top]

  12. That was a scary ride for Christmas but the thought of holding your darling grandson would have got you through.

  13. Good heavens, Gattina, it does look cold in your neck of the woods. Great to read you had a wonderful Christmas. Again, all the best wishes for 2011.

  14. Hi Gattina, wow, you sure got a lot of snow! We got about 2 feet the day after Christmas. And Toby is adorable!!!!! You and Mr. G must be so thrilled to have such a handsome little grandson just in time for the new year!


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